May 23, 2022

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The Canadian | “Decision” about Ryan Pohling coming soon

The Canadian |  "Decision" about Ryan Pohling coming soon

For Nick Suzuki, he is an improved player from “match to match”, he can play unrecognized “mini-games” and “looks good in the snow”.

Simon-Olivier Lorenz

Simon-Olivier Lorenz

For Christian Dvoక్k, he is a “smart player”, “does a little bit of everything”, not only defensively responsible but also skilled in attack.

The overly sensitive reader should not take a sip, because what is in question here is Ryan Pohling. A sign of a training camp with no history of dominance, the young Canadian center player has been at the heart of all the debate. And, we need to clarify all frustrations.

Many observers were also shocked that Pohling survived Wednesday morning in cuts. These saw Rafael Harvey-Pinard, Gianni Fairbrother, Gabriel Bork and Michael Pezzetta packing up to have a better relationship with the Laval Rocket.

Pohling was also one of the last 14 attackers available, aside from multiple injuries plaguing the club. Cedric Pocket’s return to health logically means the end of emissions for Jesse Ylenen. Otherwise, there is still an exhibition game left to show Pohling at the Bell Center‌ on Thursday night. His opponents have no offense, so it’s not uncommon to expect him to start the season with a big club.

Not so bad

We can never go on with the excitement that once triggered this selection of the Canadian’s first round in 2017. Even on expectations adjusted by his shy professional debut. The fourth center is not much on the post, only believed to dig like ripe fruit.

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However, after four pre-season games, his scoreless record, three shots, two hits and one black shot starved many fans. After all, when you know he’s his camp’s striker, he’s seen the most action so far – almost 49 minutes equal.

However, the question arises: is Ryan Pohling as bad as the proverbial Montreal rumor?

Not if you look at some target statistics. First, he won 58.5% of his face (31 out of 53). In the defensive zone, it is more modest (52.4%, or 11 out of 21), but it exceeds the respectable limit.

While he was in the snow, Hubs got nine quality scoring chances, counting the natural stat trick site. It was the highest for a Canadian forward in the preseason – but Pohling was one of three players to make four appearances. In a very limited model, his allowed target rate is also comparable to that of Christian Dvo‌‌k and much better than Jake Evans.

On paper, we are dealing with a loyal player in Face of Circle who has the ability to create an attack and stay away from the container that is on fire as a defense. Isn’t that what you expect from a fourth line center?

Yes, but …

There is also what we see on the ice. This player is often in a bad position, he loses an opponent who is responsible for identifying, abuses his majestic size, and struggles to write his name on the score sheet. And no one can determine whether he has sinned unintentionally before the place he seems to have earned, or whether the fear of doing evil plays him into fear.

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Constant, again

When asked about his new teammate’s situation, Dvoక్క్k suggested that the key to him or any other player in his situation was in the integrity of his game according to his style. He promised to avoid frills and “do things right and the rest will follow.”

In fact, stability is still Pohling’s Achilles heel. And his head coach called him back on Wednesday.

Dominic Ducherme recalled his performance at home last Saturday against the Ottawa Senators (2-1 victory), “this is the game we want to see every night”, and he can “guess” the version of the pohling he sees at work this Thursday.

“If you want to gain the trust of your boss or your coach, you have to be consistent in the work you do,” he says. [Poehling] Still young, he will have another chance, then we will make a decision. ”

The Canadians ended their pre-season schedule at 7pm on Thursday night at the Bell Center against the Ottawa Senators.