February 23, 2024

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Here officially the lowest calorie fat can be eaten without moderation … or almost

Here officially the lowest calorie fat can be eaten without moderation ... or almost

Should we cook in oil or butter instead? With or without cream?

If everyone has their small preferences when it comes to fat, you still need to know that not all of them are consuming the same calories. True, if they are needed as part of a balanced diet, lipids are not necessarily good for our well-being. So it is good to choose them carefully to avoid some too, especially when focusing on your figure.

On the same topic

Among the most caloric fats, it is Oil Who will win the prize! Rapeseed, sunflower or olive oil … it doesn’t matter, they are all equal calories. Count around 900 calories per 100 grams. Should be used sparingly, so, if you want to cook lightly. However, it does have some other health benefits and is especially rich with vitamins and good minerals.

We are not far behind Lard, This fat from pork, even if it is used less and less, will cost you 880 calories per 100 grams. Such as Butter, We like delicious dishes as well as plain on cakes or toast, which is also rich with 750 calories per 100 grams. Slightly lighter, the Margarine It can be used as an alternative as it is between 400 and 700 calories.

What is low calorie fat?

And the lowest calorie fat of all is nothing but … cream fry! Whether liquid or thick, it represents “only” 300 calories per 100 grams, I.e. 2 to 3 times less fat than its competitors. So the next time you bake your pasta recipe with cream you may feel less offense.

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