March 30, 2023

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Kovid-19: The Astrogeneca vaccine reaches the South Pole

Kovid-19: The Astrogeneca vaccine reaches the South Pole

After an extraordinary voyage across the four continents of London and the United Kingdom, the transport of the Astrogenene COVID-19 vaccine reached the British Antarctic base at Rothera at the South Pole, where few researchers lived.

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Brezhnev leaves a military plane from Norton Base (northwest of London) and passes through the islands carrying valuable cargo, 23 Senegal and Falkland Islands, where the winter is over, before landing on a small plane, according to the British Foreign Office, a British research base on the island of Adelaide on the Antarctic Peninsula.

To ensure complete preservation of the vaccine at controlled temperatures of 2 to 8 C, the 16,000 km trip was completed in less than 92 hours.

Fergus Drake, head of the NGO Crown Agents who worked on the project with the British Ministry of Defense, said, “We have literally delivered the vaccines to the end of the world.

The Rothera Antarctic base is home to about 20 people in winter and up to 100 in the Australian summer, including biologists and meteorologists, engineers, a diver and a doctor.

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