February 23, 2024

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A service was completely shut down due to a mandatory vaccination by caregivers

Officiellement, le service de chirurgie maxillo-faciale n'est pas fermé, mais il n'a plus aucune activité.

The service is not officially closed, but in fact, CHR d’Orléans no longer has maxillofacial surgery operations. Not there More than a single surgeon In this service, and Ownership suspended it until November 15Because she did not want to give mandatory vaccinations to caregivers. She was the last on duty, After two more surgeons left the department (in 2019 and last April)

Maxillofacial surgery treats diseases and Injury to jaws, face, mouth and teeth. This is also of concern Breast reconstructions For women with breast cancer.

A small benefit to the residents “

_ “Actually, l_The beds have been moved to other sections, Gregory Quinet, Sad Sante Departmental Secretary explains. We do not know when they will return. And in the meantime, this is a service that the hospital center cannot provide to patients in Orleans and the Loiret. “

The Secretariat therefore refers patients to private clinics in the Orleans area. (Orleans Health Center in Saran or Arcade Clinic in Olivet). In emergencies, the most serious cases are referred to Tours University Hospital or Paris Hospitals.

Status quo until November

Management promises Appointment in November. But Gregory Quinnett sees it “Further proof of the vulnerability of public hospital services. We are losing doctors, we have too many exits and it has put staff in trouble.”

This information intervenes, but all caregivers can now inject a third dose of the Kovid vaccine. The government announced this on Thursday, October 7, following an opinion published the day before by the High Authority of Health (HAS)..

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According to CHR d’Orléans management, 95% of staff currently have a complete vaccination schedule. Operational suspensions apply to 5% of the 4,500 employees.

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