March 21, 2023

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Attack on Capital | Biden authorized Trump to transfer records to the Commission of Inquiry

Attack on Capital |  Biden authorized Trump to transfer records to the Commission of Inquiry

(Washington) U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday authorized his predecessor, Donald Trump, to broadcast to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the archives relating to Republican actions during the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill.

Officials elected as the head of the commission have threatened to prosecute relatives of the former president who refused to co-operate in its work.

When elected officials confirmed Joe Biden’s victory in the presidency, the House of Representatives set up a “special committee” to assess the role Donald Trump played in the attack on his supporters on the congressional seat.

Former President Condemns “Political Game”: “Democrats of the Radical Left […] Use the Congress to torture their opponents, ”he said in a statement on Friday.

He wrote “to the National Archives” to protest, “in the name of separation of powers”, and on January 6 aired all documents related to his actions (meetings, emails, messages …).

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Donald Trump supporters rallied outside the west door of the Capitol before the building was demolished to prevent Congress from approving the results of the presidential election won by Democrat Joe Biden.

But White House spokesman Jen Saki told a news conference that Joe Biden had “confirmed that it was not legal to attribute presidential power” to keep the information secret.

“Congress and Americans consider it very important for the president to not see the events of that day in their entirety and to prevent them from happening again,” she said.

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The commission also sent summons to four relatives of the former president in September, so they provided him with other documents and they testified before it. According to the American Press, Donald Trump asked them not to cooperate.

Photo by France-Press Agency Archives

Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021 in Washington.

Former councilor Steve Bannon “indicated he would try to hide a vague hint about the former president’s powers,” Democrat Benny Thompson and his Republican colleague Liz Cheney, who led the commission, confirmed Friday.

“We will not allow any witnesses to defy the legal ban or play the clock and we will quickly look into the possibility of a criminal prosecution for obstructing the work of Congress,” they threatened in a statement.

Photo by Andre Kelly, Archives Reuters

Former councilor Steve Bannon left the Washington federal court in August 2021.

Donald Trump, who is still hugely popular among Republican voters, has not claimed responsibility for the attack on Congress. His grip on the Republican Party had already allowed him to be acquitted after a trial in Congress for “inciting a coup” in February, and many elected officials in the party refused to take part in the committee.