May 25, 2022

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Drunk birds are a glory

Drunk birds are a glory

When I found out that a Quebec film was going to represent Canada in the Oscar race for Best International Film this year, it made me a little quicker: after Arcand, Villeneuve, Fallardive, Duel and Nguyen, This is a film from Quebec that represents us again.

I admit, I saw nothing from Ivan Garbovic that I perceived Drunk birds, Before this option.

I was in a hurry to see the movie and now I can tell you:

  1. It is a masterpiece;
  2. This is one of my three favorite Quebec films … for life.
  • Listen to Richard Martino’s interview with Ivan Garbovic, director of “The Drunken Birds” on QUB Radio:

Prefer any other bird

Boring to say (and Middle does not love me), but Drunk birds This is a Quebec movie … it doesn’t look like a Quebec movie.

This is not a reverse shot festival; I don’t feel like I’m watching a long episode of a TV series; It is not moral; Dialogs are not underlined in Grease Pencil; And the characters are not one dimensional.

The protagonist is a Mexican seasoned laborer who is looking for the woman he loves and wants to find her in Quebec, working on a farm run by a couple with disagreements (Claude Legalt and Helen Florent).

You do not need to know more. If I say too much, I will reveal your happiness. Because Drunk birds Evidence reveals about his roles in Draper‌.

And even if the film is about migrant workers, it is not an anti-capitalist accusation against “villains-gringos-exploitation-poor-mexican-slave-extreme-agriculture”.

The screenplay was not written by Macon de Quebec Solidair.

It is often said that the work of women in cinema is not emphasized enough. Well, Drunk birds Co-authored with Sarah Mishra, Director of Photography. This magician of the film gave us (among others) photo direction Everything is perfect, You sleep Nicole, Felix and Mira, I really like the visual style of Quebec films.

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Don’t be fooled by the words: Drunk birds A glory. I want to constantly pause to immerse myself in these images shot during the Magic Hour, all the brief moments before sunset turning pink in golden light.

It’s a weather film, which shows more than it exhibits. In interviews, Grabovic and Mishra talk about their film as “experience”, “mood”.

I loved: The TravelS in fields; Urban night scenes; Magical reality; Disturbing rain scenes; And the music of Philip Bralt wears with a tragedy that takes you to heart.

You know what Bergman said: “If you can put a picture into words, it’s not a movie”. Drunk birds This is really a “cinematographic” film: the director and co-writer / cinematographer tell us a story with pictures.

To me cinema means a look, a signature. Very often in Quebec films of recent years, subject matter is more important than subject matter.

I have been wanting a true author picture for a long time, it takes me by the throat. Ivan Garbovic, born in 1979 in Montreal to Serbian parents, is the author I imagined.