September 25, 2023

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Pink line on ice

Pink line on ice

The main promise of Valerie Plante and her project Montreal Party in 2017, the Pink Line has now been ignored in favor of the Eastern Metropolitan Express Network (REM).

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“She’s not on the platform. Essentially, what we are saying is, we are banking in the Eastern REM, but we definitely need to come and improve the network around it so that it still becomes relevant to people who do not serve the REM from the East,” Ms. Plante said, next to the press briefing. .

M.To me It is believed that the plant will meet the needs of the tramway projects in Lashine and REM in the east and the pink metro line will receive the ax to be opened.

“Beyond technology and color, I’m interested in transportation options. I want to move more people more efficiently,” said the outgoing mayor and her candidate for re-election.

In 2017, Valerie Plante completed her promise to build a new metro line during the election campaign, promising to dump the soil for the first time before the end of her mandate.

The Pink Line connects the boroughs of Montreal-North and Lachin with a 19-kilometer tunnel through the city center and three kilometers of surface rails to a total of 29 stations. Estimated at $ 5.9 billion, it will be completed in 2028.

On Wednesday, Valerie Plante’s party presented its election platform, which has more than 200 responsibilities. However, it is not directly related to the Pink Line, which is named after other transportation projects committed to leadership management.

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This time, she relies on another promise instead. “For me, our 60,000 housing project is the equivalent of the Pink Line, but for housing,” she says.

For his part, his opponent, Denise Codre, was outraged by the statement.

“It costs $ 1 million for a project office. When we start looking at statistics and costs, the views of insanity and the mind are too expensive for us,” he said.

As a reminder, in 2018, the Planck Administration created a project office to study the feasibility of the Pink Line. Next year, however, the newspaper Metro Revealed that it was an “empty shell” and did not assess its activity.

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