May 24, 2022

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Fighting intensifies at the Canadians Blue Line

Fighting intensifies at the Canadians Blue Line

Montreal | Kaiden Guhley has a long career in the NHL. He wears the Montreal Canadians uniform for several seasons. But at 19, the first round pick (16E Overall) decided to return with Prince Albert Raiders in the Western Junior League in 2020.

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Two days after the last pre-season game and just four days before the start of the season, Guhle still had not received his plane ticket to Saskatchewan.

Sammy No. 21 is a duet with him, returning to training with his teammates for the first time since his concussion. Guhle and Nico therefore fulfilled the roles of seventh and eighth defenders. They are Brett Kulak and Jeff Petrie, Ben Chiarrot and David Saward and Alexander Romanov and Chris Wideman are the first six outsiders.

Chris Wideman

Martin Chevalier / JDM

Chris Wideman

While Guhley was once again questioned about his chances of starting the season in Montreal, Dominic Ducharm brought several warnings. To stay in position with the big club, Alberton need a place in the top six.

“Ideally a young man should play,” Ducharme said. Nick Suzuki is a good example. After the exchange with Vegas, he came to our camp. He played pre-season games and later returned to junior [OHL]. He learned a lot that year. He gained confidence, he faced adversity and won with Guelph. In the playoffs, his team [Storm] Has a comeback of 0-3 and 1-3. As a player, he dominated, he acted as a leader for his team. “

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“Suzuki Jr. took advantage of another year. Today, it’s beneficial for him, it’s positive. When you put young people like 7.E Defender or 8E Defender, he’s also good at being on his junior team and having some strong moments. There will also be a Junior World Championship.

If he is to return to the WHL, Guhley will once again be the Prince Albert Raiders captain and will play a key role in the Canadian team’s Blue Line in his second World Juniors experience.

In two or three weeks, CH will also be betting on another defender with the return of injured Joel Edmundsson from the start of camp.

Once a day

Guhle, who came out of a training session of just 60 minutes, remained calm in front of journalists.

“It’s good to be here yet,” he said. It was a kind of surprise to me. I wanted to come here and do my part to stay as long as possible. Now I take it one day at a time. “

Tactically, Deutsche also talked about the risk of exceptions for two defenders, Weidmann and Nicu. The 19-year-old was not at risk.

Released by Winnipeg Jets, Niku played very little after joining CH. He only played one game against senators in Ottawa, but he didn’t even finish the first period. Josh Norris hit him with a check from behind in the opposite corner of the territory.

“Obviously my plan is to play several pre-season games, I want to play more than one period,” he told me. Now I have to struggle in training. I want to show this team that I can play.

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“It’s not a clear decision,” Ducharm added. He played for five minutes before injuring himself. This is not ideal. On the other hand, a player like him can draw attention to exceptions. There is a risk of losing it if given back to Laval. We have to evaluate it. We need to find the best for us and him. ”

CH winger Jesse Ylenen cut. Injured in the groin, Cedric Puckett must find his teammates in training on Monday.

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