May 23, 2022

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Name change for RTBF poll dedicated to video games: Tarmac Gaming becomes RTBF iXPé

Changement de nom pour le pôle de la RTBF dédié aux jeux vidéos : Tarmac Gaming devient RTBF iXPé

Tarmac Gaming announced its name change this Friday, October 8 at the Made in Asia Trade Fair at the Brussels EXPO.

Explanations for this change were summarized on Twitter:

For 4 years, Tormac and RTBF have been striving to provide quality video game, sports, high-tech … content on its networks.
Since then, many have realized that our themes are not just a matter of youth or “geek”: they are of interest to people of all ages and all styles!
To address this audience often forgotten by the general media, RTBF is launching iXPé!

What is RTBF iXPé? Who is it for?

It’s the new transcendental media video game, eSport and 2.0 culture, aimed at anyone interested in web culture, technologies and other digital what’s.
From Triharder to the occasional and avid player, our goal is to provide content and formats that are fun for all and enthusiasts!

What is the difference between what we already know from Tarmac Gaming?

The content you used to use will continue “as before”!
So you will find everything we already do (Tormac Online Sessions, Shinusu, Mindset, Le Crew, Bon Bog Matin …), but much more!
For example, the RTBF iXPé YouTube channel focuses on specific areas such as the mindset, the cinematographic format dedicated to e-sports, or our weekly information capsule dedicated to Asian cultures.
For all these, new structures are also expected …

Then proceed.

Le Twitter RTBF iXPé: