July 5, 2022

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Coaches in the hot seat

Coaches in the hot seat

After the Urban Mayor, he put himself in an awkward position, here are some old emails that Joan Gruden looks very bad at. The derogatory remarks he made, even though they were ten years old, cost the Raiders head coach a lot.

In 2011, when he was hired as an analyst by ESPN, Gruden broke up with the Football Association director over an email exchange with a senior Washington team leader. NFL DeMoris Smith.

Gruden called him “Dumboris” and indicated that he had “Michelin tire-sized lips”.

In the Raiders power today, he denied making racist remarks and said he had expressed himself badly in anger.

He said he always used the term “rubber lips” to refer to a liar.

Disciplinary action?

However, whatever the motive behind his message at the time, the result is degrading and only reprehensible.

In addition, the NFL said the message was “contrary to the values ​​of respect and inclusion”. Raiders owner Mark Davis also said he was very upset. It remains to be seen whether the League or Davis will be where the concrete path breaks.

The question is complicated because the NFL has adopted a code of conduct, but it has nothing to do with comments that would be considered racist in such an exchange.

Also, Gruden was not with the Raiders or the league when he used those unfortunate words. Can the NFL crack it on the pretext that it was hired by one of its broadcast partners? It remains to be seen.

It would be interesting to know if his relationship with his boss would be damaged if no one finally knocked Gruden off his fingers.

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The founder of the Raiders, the late Al Davis, had his faults, but to this day he is considered a great pioneer in inclusion and in the fight against racial injustice.

Davis hired Art Shell, the first black head coach in the modern era of the NFL. He previously appointed Tom Flores, the first candidate from the Minorities, as head coach.

This uncompromising man must now wander around his grave and the son is probably thinking about it.

Coaches in danger

Along with Gruden, it is questionable whether the escape of the urban mayor will lead to a quick exit to Jacksonville. Rumors suggest he has already lost his locker room.

Elsewhere in the league, other coaches may be at risk for performance reasons rather than ethical ones.

Whether it’s Matt Nagy (Bears), Mike Zimmer (Vikings), Joe Judge (Giants) or Brian Flores (Dolphins), their team needs to find the right path quickly.

In stark contrast to Gruden, he eventually led the Raiders to victory. It certainly does not prevent him from a complete storm.

5 points to look out for

1. Return to London

The NFL returns to London today and next week, due to a absence due to COVID-19 last year. This morning’s games (9:30 am) are enough to make us sympathize with the people of London. This week, the jets will face the Falcons, and next Sunday the Jaguars and Dolphins will face it. The combined record of these four teams is 3-13.

2. Another return for Gordon

The number of times the troubled wide receiver Josh Gordon has returned from suspension has been calculated, but today he sees his first NFL action with the Seahawks in the 15th week, in 2019. Talented, but troublesome, the receiver found himself in the Chiefs’ abundance attack this time and confirmed that Andy Reed would be in uniform against the bills. It is right to want this other opportunity.

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3. A block series

Jaguars never stop getting trapped. Last week, they suffered their 19th defeat in a row, tying the Raiders’ tragic mark from 2007 to 2009 and from 1961 to 1962. If they lose their duel against the Titans, they will become the third team in history to have at least 20 losses in a row after the Buccaneers (26 losses) from 1976 to 1977 and the Cardinals (29 losses) from 1942 to 1945.

4. Surprising teams

Currently, 12 teams have won at least three of their first four games. Surprisingly, those seven teams were not in the final playoffs – the Cardinals, the Panthers, the Bengals, the Cowboys, the Broncos, the Raiders and the Chargers. We need to see which ones can pick up speed.

5. Ravens Streak

Last week, the Ravens increased their streak to 43 with at least 100 running yards. If they do the same against the Colts tomorrow night, their number will increase to 44 and be recorded at the same time. The Steelers, who learned of their glory years in racing from 1974 to 1977, share that mark with their enemy.