May 23, 2022

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Denise Coder promises to cover Denise Boulevard and Ville-Marie Highway | Municipal elections in Quebec 2021

Denise Coder promises to cover Denise Boulevard and Ville-Marie Highway |  Municipal elections in Quebec 2021

He was speaking at a press conference on Sunday in the first phase in the borough of Cote d’Ivoire-Notre-Dame-de-Grace, to cover the boulevard decor between Chemin Queen-Mary and Chemin Cote-Saint-Catherine.

The second phase of the Ville-Mary Highway covering will include part of it from Sangunit Street to Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Already in 2016-2017, when Denise Coder was mayor, the 125-meter highway separating the streets of Sangunit and Hotel-de-Ville was hidden.

If these two projects come into force, Montrealers will have to arm themselves with patience before they can be implemented. It clearly takes some time, Denis Coderre suggests, anticipating that he would need a four-year mandate to plan the project.

In the first years, we do design competition, feasibility study, sketches, public consultation. For the first word, we are going to set the table.

A quote from:Denise Codrey, Montreal mayoral candidate

In addition to covering these busy roads to reduce Hearing and visual pollution, The ensemble is also examining Montreal Get the place back By reducing the boundaries on each side of the decor boulevard in two and creating a Green Urban Park In the area.

In addition, the The largest public square in Montreal, With a potential area of ​​four hectares, will be created in Ville-Marie.

The cost of the first project is estimated to be at least $ 700 million. Second, $ 400 million. Collective Montreal hopes that they will be financially supported by Quebec through the Quebec Infrastructure Scheme.

The restoration of the Ville-Marie Highway is also the first step towards the expansion of the Palais des Congress, Denise Codore assures, that a second is needed, Montreal First place in Congress‌ in the world.

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Mr Coder also has plans for an extension of the Cavendish Boulevard and the redevelopment of the former Blue Bonnets racecourse site.

The announcement immediately prompted Project Montreal to say it was committed Take advantage of the major projects already on the table to fix urban spots, Such as the repair of the Metropolitan Highway and the expansion of the Palais des Congress.

In an email to Radio-Canada, Valerie Plante, the party’s press secretary, also handles it. The RaceTrack Development Project also allows for the study of a pilot project for the restoration of the Deccan Highway..

Montreal, French metropolis

In addition, a reporter questioned what he thought Bill 96 And with its consequences for workers in Montreal, Denise Coder clearly took sides in favor A French metropolis.

It brings value to the city and it is about diversity. […] Franchise is an asset. Paris is a French city and it is a big city, He commented.

He emphasized that Montreal would continue to provide essential services in English, and that it would be possible to use translation tools for other purposes.

As in the United Nations. They have many platforms to fulfill their goal, Citing the mayoral candidate as an example.