July 5, 2022

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Horace: “Competition without animosity between OTP and O’Gaming”

Horace: "Competition without animosity between OTP and O'Gaming"

Horace: “Competition without animosity between OTP and O’Gaming”



O Gaming lost a lot of headlines and went to OTP. But this historic structure is still intact and will be out of order in 2021. There is no time to get bored between LPL, MSI and LoR. We had the opportunity to interview Horace to find out about this special year.

Photo: Horace

A gaming, Which is the name spoken in the French scene. This structure has long been a tricolor reference to the cast in League of Legends. LEC, Worlds, LCK … everyone has something. But after the departure of many big names (Chips, Noi, Traton, Carnegie …) who set out to find their own web-TV (OTP), many were worried about the future of OG. But despite these mass departures, the structure was not closed and work continued. Carried by A The new generation Casting, O’Gaming always produces quality content not only in the League of Legends but also in other games. This is clearly related to the competition of the OTP and the weight of the shadow of the older ones, but the competition is healthy and friendly.

Among the new talents, Horse This year has taken on a new dimension in 2021 MSI Highlight and tell us about his future projects. And then as if we were in the middle Worlds And he is an expert LPL, We also used the opportunity to ask his opinion on the Chinese teams.

We present to you a list of its tires as a bonus for Worlds 2021.

If you want to know more about the news of this talented caster who has more blades than the Swiss Army sword, do not hesitate to follow him on the networks.


Like every year, OTP staff has done their part to rate global players and teams. If we could salute the work done, we found it to be a little harsh against some players. We will dabble in highlighting the undercut of the rankings.

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