May 23, 2022

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“I hated a lot”: Courier de Pirate talks about his relationship with a transgender woman

"I hated a lot": Courier de Pirate talks about his relationship with a transgender woman

Beatrice Martin, Well known by her nickname Pirate heart, Transphobic hatred increased when she formalized her relationship with American singer Laura Jane Grace. A very difficult time to spend. For the first time, she mentions in the title this hateful drive and its consequences on its mental health In the dark Taken from his latest album.

Asked by Metro, Courier de Pirate recalled this great display of his personal life. At the time, it was revealed that Laura Jane Grace had left her husband to experience love with an artist and transgender woman. Beatrice Martin then strangely came out and got support but also received the worst comments. “I had an affair with a transgender woman a few years ago. It’s really hard for me to go public. I’m in my love bubble. I was in a relationship with someone and everything felt right to me. But, I have experienced a lot of hatred from a lot of people. It really recognized me“, She laments to our Belgian colleagues.

Courier de Pirate has always fought against transphobia, especially with its essential texts: “I think this is something that people in the queer community face on a daily basis. That’s why it’s important to maintain yourself. I need to talk about it in the song, I haven’t done it yet. “

Beatrice Martin, who fell into alcoholism and depression, took many years to rebuild herself and now uses her emotions in her literature. She continues to be an unwavering mother to her daughter Romy (9 years old). Pregnant, the artist is currently in a relationship with bartender Mark Flynn. The baby should point to the tip of his nose soon.

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