May 21, 2022

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Is online betting legal in Canada?

Online casinos are taking the world by storm, with a growth margin of 70% and continuing to climb. Sitting at the forefront of this growth trend is Canada, ranked one of the top countries globally regarding online gambling. Canada currently reports a staggering 16.1 billion dollars across all provinces and territories. For an online facility to offer games, lottery, betting, or gambling, they must be licensed by the government. Finding an online casino in Canada isn’t difficult, with over 100 active websites catering to Canadian citizens. Statistics Canada projects that over 65% of legal-age citizens will place a bet virtually within the following calendar year.

How is Legal Online Gambling Regulated in Canada?

Currently, individual provinces and territories are permitted the regulation of online gambling laws. These laws are divided into two categories: Provincial law and First Nations law. The passing of federal responsibility to the provincial government enables online play legally, without strict enforcement measures. However, local laws at a municipal level may be restrictive, with some cities passing laws effectively banning online web-based gaming.

The province of Ontario is one example of municipal restrictions that exceed the federal guideline. In Markham, for example, complete prohibition on web-based play is enacted. It’s difficult to say how applicable these laws are in actuality, with the province allowing mobile lottery purchases and casino games. Registering through the OLG website provides users with cash games and tickets, complete with casino games.

Considerations with Online Casino Games 

Operating an online casino requires appropriate licensing before launch. While the federal government allows online gaming, it is up to the user to establish the local, municipal, and provincial laws about their location. These authorities include the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, overseeing many virtual platforms to ensure fair play. Additionally, registration with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) provides secure payment options for loading customer accounts. Individuals should confirm SSL encryption on all platforms to enhance online security.

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Understanding Payment Options

Online security is a necessity for gambling communities, especially when it comes to customer experience. Secure payment options with a wide variety of payment methods provide optimal site functionality. It also tailors the platform to as many users as possible, with encryption being an industry standard. Encryption codes all sensitive information on the venue into an incoherent chain of numbers and letters. This code makes the content useless for hackers or thieves attempting to access the platform.

Avoiding Unlicensed Websites online

Most regulated and licensed casinos will disclose the license or registration number on the program. They’ll also provide details of where to report any concerns and the commission for issuing gambling licenses. You can check any online casino for a license through federal registration sites or the Gambling Commission website. If you’ve already registered for a rogue casino site, attempting to recover your funds isn’t impossible. Contact the site’s support team and request the money be returned to the account or credit card. You want to have all correspondence in writing (for proof of recovery attempts). You’ll also want to file a report with the national gambling regulator. This agency will investigate any functioning website for licensing. Reporting the incident to local police may help recover your funds, although many illegal sites operate in different countries, making enforcement difficult (if not impossible).

What Causes a Site to Blacklist?

Unregistered casinos aren’t the only platforms being blacklisted; it can happen to legal, registered sites. Although the most common reason a domain becomes blacklisted is unregistered or unlicensed usage, other tactics like shady business practices can earn a ban too.

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Flawed software is a primary reason for pulling an online casino, mainly because the legitimate software has to be extensively tested. Random number generators need to guarantee genuinely unexpected results. Endless loops of no one winning is a guaranteed way to get banned. Disappearing payments and payout fraud is another sure-fire way to have the platform removed. Whether technical flaws or refusing access, a casino has to provide access to your cash flow. Payout fraud is another tactic used by unlicensed casinos. It’s the most common reason for a casino to be blacklisted. Part of the fun gambling online is the payout for big wins – find a reputable website that will pay you when you’re ready to cash out.


Occasionally, an individual can request blacklisting from online casinos. These requests voluntarily ask the commission to prevent access to gambling websites for a multitude of reasons. These can include bad debts or bankruptcy. It can also include gambling addiction or other mental health issues. You can request another person be blocked online; however, extensive documentation is required to prove the necessity. Once proven, the individual is barred from legal online gambling platforms until the blacklist is removed.