May 25, 2022

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Rouge at or dangerous ones come out

Rouge at or dangerous ones come out

The match between Concordia Stingers and Laval University Rouge et al did not disappoint the 8,375 spectators. With the home team winning 36-10, fans saw that the future of the offense was good with a good Arnold Desjardins‌. He ended his working day with four touchdown passes to lead Roose At or relatively easy success.

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Photo agency QMI, Markel Temble

Laval took a long time to start the offense, scoring his first touchdown in the second quarter with a superb effort from Vincent Forbes-MMB on a 26-yard pass. Glen gave Constantine a 13-10 lead at the Major half.

“These are the things you practice to save the ball in practice and get positive yards immediately after the catch. The result in this game is solid. I have a great bond with Arnaud.

If the first half was more difficult, it was as if everything was successful for Laval‌ in the second half. The defense stopped playing big, there was a lot of pressure on the opposing quarterback and offensive coordinator Justin Ether seemed to stop the attack.

Offensive hero of the match, Arnaud Deszardins’ performance was satisfactory.

“Everyone did their job and it was a lot of fun to play in front of an audience for the first time as a starter. We had some penalties in the first half and we had a lot more energy for the rest of the game,” the Old Montreal Spartans production said.

Pivot also indicated that he was a little surprised by the Stingers’ defensive tactics, which did not take as much pressure through the blitz as they often do on the Montreal team. Deszardins completed his workday with 24 passes and gained 308 yards in 33 attempts, as well as four key positions and no turnovers.

Has reached maturity

Winning coach Glenn Constantine had a very precise description of the two-part game of his training.

“We are still young and it will take time to develop maturity. We can be overconfident with our dominance performance last week and the potential of Concordia has surprised our team.

The pilot refused to take credit for the second part of his training. “No big adjustments. Mark Fortier defensively is what’s going on here and what’s going on in the second half and the same thing happened.”

Constantine praised his offense, which dominated the takeover in the second half of the game. He was very pleased with the performance and kick coverage of kicker Vincent Blanchard, which helped to give his team a big advantage in field positioning.

Lack of opportunism

Stingers head coach Brad Collinson was disappointed with the result. He admitted that his team did not make big enough plays to win.

“We had our end in the first half and there was a long series of attacks in the third quarter and after that it was hard. With a team like Laval, you have to get the job done when you can, otherwise it will be very difficult.”

The visiting pilot completely refused to use injuries to explain his family defeat.

“It’s true we do not have good players like Murphy, but we have good reserveists. This is not the place to play, we do not run when needed and we have to complete our offensive stripes with touchdowns.”

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Full match

Quarterback Olivier Roy played well in the first half for the Stingers, who had a very simple explanation for his team’s defeat.

“You have to play for 60 minutes and you can not expect to win against a team like Laval by playing only half. It’s very easy. In the second half they were waiting for our vertical passes and they put more pressure. However, we had to be able to make our adjustments at half and we could not do that.”

Receiver Jacob Salwell was also very disappointed with his team’s second defeat. Despite his strong personal performance with 7 catches and 97 yards of touchdown, he focused only on the ensemble performance of the Stingers.

“It means I have no personal statistics, we lost and we have to play well in the future,” said a Quebec local.

Some statistics

  • Rouge et al, or second only to Concordia’s RSEQ, settled well with this victory.
  • Receiver Kevin Mittal has led RSEQ with 6 touchdowns since the start of the season. He added two today.
  • Kicker Vincent Blanchard averaged 43.7 on his punches.
  • The Stingers will be stabbing Carabins next week, but will receive a visit from Roosevelt or Wert et al or Sherbrook.

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