September 25, 2023

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Mark-Andre Fleury avenges from the Golden Knights

Mark-Andre Fleury avenges from the Golden Knights

Alan Walsh is no more Calm down Agents. And he was not much Low profile Either of them …

At the time of the strike he was Jonathan Droin’s agent Tampa

He has multiplied incredible outings over the years …

He banned many journalists from his social networks …

And who forgot His famous Tweet Mark-Andre Fleury was stabbed in the back with a knife (named DeBoer)?

When Fleury traded this summer, Walsh cried out on social media that his client had learned about the transaction through the same social media (usually when a CEO calls himself – without respect – a player And or To tell his agent that he was traded).

However, the president of the Golden Knights Hockey Operations – and the company’s former general manager – David Schoen (RJ Sports) admitted in an interview that he had stopped communicating with the Golden Knights Fleury and his agent. ) Transaction … because Alan Walsh is doing everything to destroy a possible transaction. He is interfering in the process by suggesting to interested groups that Fleury would seriously consider withdrawing if he traded. In short, he is doing so much (too much?) To protect his client that he is reluctant to go to the last year of his contract.

When Fleury traded, everyone blamed the Golden Knights company for their lack of respect … but we understood a little better why he was acting now. There are always two Sides / Versions For a story …

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Although I phoned Mark-Andre Fleury directly to tell him about the transaction if I was Kelly McCriman or George McPhee …

Keep in mind that Mark-Andre Fleury was traded for practically nothing and that he finally liked Chicago. The Blackhawks will surprise the hockey world with the return of Fleury, Deus and Seth Jones. And of course, Kane’s hands …

Fleery will be 37 next month. He never hid his intentions of ending his career in Pittsburgh or Vegas. He said Touch $ 6 million salary (and a Hit the hat $ 7 million) in 2021-22.

This situation with Mark -Andre – accompanied by some comments from the team owner – reminds us of how professional hockey is. Heavy Business And how much players can spend Second.

In large quantities

– Dominic Ducharme should lead a full training session at 10:30 a.m. this morning in Brosard, without jumping on the ice after two days.

– Devil’s goaltender McKenzie Blackwood has reportedly changed his mind. He finally agreed to be vaccinated. [JDM]

– Eric Gustafson returns to the most successful position in the NHL.

– Panthers are serious.

– Jacques Lemire is in Dominic Ducharme.

– Three-year contract extension in Tampa for (profitable) Joan Cooper. After GM, coach … must earn more or less $ 5 million per season, one of the biggest coaching salaries in the league.

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