March 28, 2023

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Rousseau wanted to double utility cycling

Rousseau wanted to double utility cycling

Democrat Quebec leader Jean Rousseau aims to double the number of citizens who use bicycles to get to work.

Currently, there are an estimated 125,000 “utility” cyclists in Quebec, meaning they go to work on bikes occasionally or daily, Jean Rousseau said on Monday and Monday.

The mayoral candidate said he wants to double that number in the next four years. “It means less cars and less pollution on our roads.”

In a winter city of about 550,000 residents, about one in two residents use a bicycle at least occasionally for utility.

“Yes, it is an ambitious goal, but it is a goal that can only be achieved if we provide the arrangements and tools for it ourselves,” he argued.

Electric bike

He argues that the electric bicycle will bring about a “revolution” and that “it will drastically change behavior.” Hence he stated that “this is not utopia.”

Mr. Rousseau unveiled 13 activities related to cycling practice in Quebec.

He wants to create a “express network” of bicycles by connecting bicycle lanes, boroughs and technology parks between them.

In addition, it will increase the annual budget for cycling facilities from $ 3 million to $ 9 million by the end of the first term.

It proposes to develop four new bicycle sections: on Airport Road between Wall-Belair and Saint-Foie, between Saint-Theros-de-Lisieux and LeBorgnew in Louis-XIV, north of Highway 40 between Boulevard Hamel and Pere-Lievre and Robert-Bourasa And southern sectors.

Democrat Quebec wants to employ north-south and east-west axes that will be cleaned of snow in the winter.

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Other commitments

Among other commitments, the political party is campaigning for the establishment of a “Road Safety Observatory” to take a stand against the project for a bicycle bridge along the cruise docks at Old Port and increase RTC desire. By 2024, the number of electric bikes will reach 1,000.

Democracy, on the other hand, is proposing the establishment of Quebec school bicycle corridors, or responsible for apartment buildings and city infrastructure to establish safe storage for bicycles.

Another measure aims to encourage companies to offer electric bicycle subscriptions to their employees. Contributes 50% to the City Bill in the first three months.

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