February 24, 2024

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Big Party at Bell Center: A free bar condemns injustice

Big Party at Bell Center: A free bar condemns injustice

Ray Gagney, who owns Complex Luxuria, Liberty Bar‌, denounced the disparity between big players like Bell Center and smaller companies like him.

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“Why the Bell Center can test this experience and we can not do it on a small scale. We have a maximum of 100-150 people. From the vaccinated world, from the world with their masks can stand very simply instead of doing it at a hotel or at a house party. Big companies like the Bell Center make people dance. It is not acceptable to organize visible events. No one can get tickets, no bang on the wrist, they will not lose their liquor license. .

According to him, bar owners know that mistakes will not happen because of the bad press last year and therefore apply all government measures, but want to be more free.

“We are always careful, everyone must be scanned when entering, it is mandatory to wear a mask at the establishment, we do everything to ensure that people respect the actions, but try to survive when we see that the Bell Center is so packed in the dance process. We are trying to cover our expenses, which is not acceptable.”

Some argue that ventilation in amphitheaters such as the Bell Center is much more advanced than in smaller companies. For the owner of the Luxuria complex, this is not always true.

“You have to look at the ventilation system we have, it’s very big. As soon as we put the bucken on for our light shows, it already has more bucken in 30 seconds so I think it has two weights so we have a good ventilation system.”

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Listen to the full interview in the video above.

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