February 24, 2024

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Presidency of FIQ | Nancy Bedard is leaving her post

Presidency of FIQ |  Nancy Bedard is leaving her post

Nancy Bedard, president of the Internal Professional Health Federation (FIQ), is resigning as the union suffers from internal tensions. A new interim president was appointed on Wednesday.

Florence Morin-Martel

Florence Morin-Martel

Nancy Bedard decided to retire after a week-long reflection period. Those who have led FIQ since 2017 are alive with 60% confidence on October 4th. Motion refers to Mr. “changing discourse”.To me Learned the “growing dissatisfaction” of Bedard and members against him Tap. Kathleen Bertrand, FIQ Vice President for Union Organization and Education-Animation, resigned on October 5.

At the conclusion of the extraordinary National Council, Nathalie LaVesque was unanimously appointed interim president. She has held the position of Vice President on FIQ’s Executive Committee since 2017. Elections will be held in December to replace the president and vice president.

The incidents come as the trade union organization recently launched a campaign against “compulsory overtime” (OST). FIQ Professional Orders and the National Directorate strongly oppose this overtime and hope that CEOs of health and social services organizations will stop using them so easily.

FIQ, the largest nursing union in Quebec, represents 76,000 health professionals, including nurses, nursing assistants, pulmonologists and clinical perfumers. Members working in the private sector are represented by FIQP.

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