May 20, 2022

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From rebellion to the generalization of lies

From rebellion to the generalization of lies

Very little is heard about the Commission of Inquiry into the most violent January 6 events in the Capitol since the British burned it down in 1814.

Yet this tragic incident has claimed more lives and new revelations suggest that former President Trump wants to manipulate the process to stay in office despite the verdict of voters.

The ability of this Commission to shed light on these events is essential to break away from the cogs that seem to be pulling the United States towards the silent end of their democratic experiment.

Prevent the truth

This low profile commission will begin to activate as key witnesses challenge its official notices to provide and appear documents.

Close associates of Donald Trump are strongly opposed, but their legal arguments are not watered down. It is clear that the former president’s aides will use to the end the method of dragging out the trial, confusing the tracks and, above all, allowing Trump to defeat a long list of criminal allegations through politics.

January 6 Trumpian strategy is working to erase the reality of memories. Most Republicans have completely swallowed Donald Trump’s Big Line, claiming that it is not worth stopping this uprising and claiming victory in the 2020 election. (By the way, there are many reasons to believe that the therapeutic properties of the injection of bleach.)

Above all, Trump continues to prepare the ground so that if he or she loses the puppet he supports in 2024, his supporters will not believe it and Republicans will feel it is fair to manipulate the number of votes in his favor.

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Generalize the lie

This persistence to swallow the lies on millions of people is the foundation of Trump’s strategy of infiltrating the Republican Party. That is why the elected Republican did not dare to oppose him.

This strategy extends to the commentary of the January 6 uprising, which was determined to turn the protagonists into martyrs. As all elected Republican officials shared this lie and the media felt the need to take these elected officials seriously, lies and untruths became acceptable elements in political discourse.

This is why the Trump entourage is afraid of this commission and Trump himself will do everything he can to not testify because he cannot swear the lies he tells his supporters every day.

We are not there yet, because Trump and his allies are prolonging the proceedings by pretending to be ruthless victims of the Democrats. Running the clock until Congress is overthrown in November 2022 and waiting for the next episode to win is enough to count the Republicans to bury the failed coup of January 6th.