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Genshine Impact Prime Gaming October 2021, How to claim rewards? – Breakflip

Genshine Impact Prime Gaming October 2021, How to claim rewards?  - Breakflip

In October, you can collect a lot of Prime Gaming Rewards for Genshine Impact and we will explain how to collect them.

From a few months, Genesin effect And Amazon has teamed up to offer reward packs to players who subscribe to Amazon Prime.

In October, you can collect Gifts And if you are a subscriber we will explain below how to claim them.

How do I claim the Prime Gaming October Reward Bundles for Gene Shine Impact?

If you want to take advantage of the Amazon offer in Prime Gaming, you must First have an account on the online sales platform, Aina too Become a subscriber to Amazon Prime, Subscription costs:

  • 5.99 euros per month
  • 49 euros per year
  • 24 euros per year for Prime Student offer

As soon as you get your Amazon account and subscription, you can do the following to get the pack that will be offered in October:

  • Go to the page dedicated to the Prime Gaming Offer For Genesin Effect (Source)
  • Then click on ” Recover now To get the reward pack you are interested in
  • Then you will receive A code

The code you just received will be used The page is dedicated to the Redemption Code (Source). After going to this page, you should:

  • Choose yours Server
  • Then choose your character ” Character name
  • Enter the code you received in the bar “ Discount index
  • Press Finally ” Redeem the code Receive your rewards by message in the game

You go, you collect your October Reward Bundle. Note that the first pack allows you to get 60 primo-gems, 40,000 peacocks, 8 lessons from Hero and 5 crunchy shrimp.

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