June 6, 2023

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Valerie Plante wants to vaccinate elected officials in Montreal

Valerie Plante wants to vaccinate elected officials in Montreal

In the coming days the Executive Committee may approve the measure required for the next elected Montrealers to be vaccinated against Kovid-19 by the Executive Committee.

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“Municipal enthusiastic municipal officials need to be guided by example. All elected officials should be able to show their vaccination passport at the next meetings of the Municipal Council,” Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante announced on Twitter on Friday afternoon.

Elected officials may vote on the city council prior to its implementation, which requires proof of vaccination. Also, as the Municipal Council meeting is not scheduled for this month, due to the current election campaign, this measure may not come into effect until the end of the year.

Coder is also compatible

Denis Coder, Valerie Plante’s main rival in the Montreal mayoral race, has already spoken out on the mandatory vaccination of municipal employees.

On Thursday, at a press conference, he estimated that “all employees in the city should be vaccinated.”

“I want everyone to be as responsible as the mayors. If we want to get back to normal, we have responsibilities,” he said at the time.

Movement Montreal party leader Balarama Holness told CTV News on Friday that he had only seen the posts today and had “unequivocally” rejected them.

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