May 24, 2022

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La Tuck Hospital: “We Won’t Lose More Services”

La Tuck Hospital: "We Won't Lose More Services"

Law Touquet Mayor Pierre-David Tremblay breathed a sigh of relief as Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey postponed the mandatory vaccination date to November 15.

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“I believe the government has made a good decision (…) to assure the Latouc population, but in this case you know it’s better to have one than two,” Pierre-David Tremble said.

The hospital in his town is already struggling with a number of issues such as the maternity ward, the loss of ophthalmology services and intensive care.

“Currently, the patient must be transferred by ambulance. So, typing 135 kilometers to go to Shavinigan or another 150 kilometers to go to Trois-Rivieres. It is unstable to move sick people when the system wants healthy people to come to our own hospitals and be treated,” Mayer explained.

According to him, we must continue to put pressure on the population to vaccinate.

“In the first wave, at the regional level, 1,000 (health) employees were infected with COVID-19, in the fourth wave it was 40. So the vaccine was proven. One hears whatever is said, the statistics speak for themselves,” he stressed.

Watch the full interview with La Tuck Meyer in the video above.

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