May 28, 2023

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Municipal elections: Rousseau launches advertising campaign on large billboards

Municipal elections: Rousseau launches advertising campaign on large billboards

Jean Rousseau is taking great steps to get to know himself by launching a poster campaign on giant billboards, where he will present himself as a mayoral candidate who opposes any kind of surcharge.

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Based on his opposition to transportation fees, Bruno Marchand brought it up, or the third link mentioned by Toll or Jackie Smith and Claude Villeneuve on the highways, Team Mary-Josie Saward, Jean Rousseau wanted to send his message home.

Already, two panels have been set up along the main arteries in Quebec. On Avenue du Colic, you can see a poster saying “Rousseau Mayor”. Assuring. There are no extra charges or fees. “Another, on 4th Avenue, praised his” courage “and his” courage. “He declared that others would appear along the streets and highways.

A large democratic Quebec emblem is installed on Avenue du Colic.

Didier Debuster / Journal de Quebec

“We have candidates from different groups who are pushing for royalties and taxes. For us, this is not acceptable.”


Mr Rousseau mentions the position of Mary-Josie Saward candidate Claude Villeneuve in the Chronicles when he was a columnist. Quebec Journal. He favored toll on the third link. On Friday, Mr Villeneuve admitted that the tunnel was causing concern in his district, but said he now feels the City has not decided whether it will be implemented.

“It’s always someone else’s fault. We can challenge the leadership,” Mr Russo replied. Villeneuve Mrs. Saward took the speech. That is painful. He has indictments and with the wind, we seem to be supporting Mrs. Saward, for her, no one. ”

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Land Bank

To diversify the city’s revenues, which are often locked into a property tax collection model, the leader of the Democratic Quebec proposed the establishment of a “land bank”. This is land that the City will repurchase after it has made a profit to maximize its revenues.

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