May 24, 2022

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“It takes at least five days to lift a mask at school”

"It takes at least five days to lift a mask at school"

Prefect stress is increased by Arde. Health pass controls were multiplied for three days in the department. Theory Davimex, invited to France Bleu, asked to vaccinate Ardachois. The incidence rate rose to 50 cases per 100,000 residents on Monday.

Twenty units in France are still lagging behind in slowing down the coronavirus epidemic and, unlike Drom, one of them by Arde. The department is struggling to adequately reduce its incidence rate. The little Ardachois at school, unlike the Drum children from Monday morning, still could not remove the mask at school. This is probably after the All Saints holiday which starts on Saturday. Prede Theory Daviemex by Ardech, Frances Blee guest on health measures and sanctions and vaccination in Ardech‌.

France Bleem Drome Ardeche – To remove the mask at school, you have to go below the 50 Kovid mark for 100,000 residents for five days in a row … Are we reaching this goal in Ardeche?

Theory Devimux, Prefected by Arda – We are at a 50 occurrence rate. It has been a month since France started a steady decline in the incidence rate, and thus in the evolution of this epidemic. It’s been a month since Arde caped us out at almost 60 years old. In recent days we have been frustrated. He now takes at least five days to pick up the mask at school (especially after the All Saints holidays, when school opens on November 8, editor’s note). This is a national rule. 60 incidence rate, which means the virus is still circulating in Ardecha and we cannot reduce our defenses. Especially for children, we have to be very careful in the application of barrier gestures.

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We are in the limit of 50 cases per 100,000 residents this Monday morning … what’s in Ardache? Why are we on top for a month?

Most likely, scientists say, there is a very strong correlation between the incidence rate and the vaccination rate. When the population is properly vaccinated, the virus spreads and therefore the incidence rate is high. In Ardech, we have difficulty vaccinating the entire population and, therefore, quite logically, the incidence rate is higher than average.

“There is a difficulty spreading across the whole territory, a little stronger in South-Ardache, but there is difficulty in vaccinating the whole RD.”

According to the Regional Health Agency, one in four people in thirty years has not been vaccinated … What is happening? Why?

In fact, in line with the national average, the vaccination rate for the elderly is very good. The vaccination rate for young people under the age of 20 is in line with the national average. However, for those aged 25-55, those with more social contact, those who go out, etc., the vaccination rate lags almost ten points behind the national average.

And why? Is it on a scale?

It’s hard for me to know. There are people who are resistant and then others. Although we make every effort to do many operations for vaccination centers, city medicine and to go to them, they do not attempt to vaccinate, i.e. those who have difficulty in getting vaccinated, making an appointment or deliberately traveling during the events are vaccinated. There is a difficulty in being distributed across the territory, which is somewhat stronger in South-Ardache, but there is difficulty in vaccinating the whole RD.

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“When we say I should not be vaccinated it is my freedom, perhaps, but it has an effect and it undermines collective freedom.”

You said in our speech that people who are not vaccinated are selfish. Do you manage?

I think so. So there are people who are scared, I understand it perfectly, they need to see a doctor so that the doctor can explain to them, maybe reassure them. I say this because it’s selfish, because a lot of people respect their freedom, their freedom, especially on social networks. But individual freedom begins where the freedom of others begins, so we talk more about collective freedom. You took the example of children wearing masks … yes, they wear masks because the incidence rate is very high. If the incidence rate is very high, it is because people are not getting enough vaccines. When we say “I don’t want to be vaccinated because I am free”, perhaps, it will have an impact and it will degrade collective freedom.

Can we say this whole situation in relation to the vaccine? As we saw last week, the incidence rate has increased due to clusters of three nursing homes …

This is true, we know, we know the technical reasons for increasing the incidence rate. But why are there clusters in the EHPad? Because the virus is circulating. The virus does not appear suddenly in the nursing home. Because people are bringing him to the nursing home, involuntarily. People bring it in as the virus spreads. Two consequences for me in terms of public policy: focus once again on vaccination and respect barrier gestures. This is the meaning of all the police and gender operations I have undertaken this weekend to remind people of the importance of wearing a mask, of respecting the Health Pass, through restrictions, in markets, bars and restaurants. Everything is done without the virus spreading.

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Hospitalizations in the department do not explode, or resuscitation cases. Finally, what is the problem?

The fact is that the virus is still circulating and therefore our situation is still very fragile. It starts well again in a very brutal way, so we must continue to be collectively vigilant. Wearing a simple vigilance mask. But if you can get vaccinated, it’s good, it’s protection that lasts a long time.