May 28, 2022

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Quebec City: Bruno Marchand believes that “a big disabled person” should not be bilingual

Quebec City: Bruno Marchand believes that "a big disabled person" should not be bilingual

According to Bruno Marchand, the Quebec mayor’s lack of clear English is a major obstacle, calling for regular missions abroad.

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The mayoral candidate responded Sunday to the report Journal, Dealt with the determination of mayoral mayors to continue their international missions once at the town hall. We learned that Mary-Josie Saward was the only one of the five candidates who could not speak English fluently.

“It’s not impossible to be a mayor without speaking English, but it’s a big handicap. Who is bilingual himself.

English lesson

In an interview with Journal On Saturday, Mrs. Saward indicated that she was “performing” in Shakespeare’s language. She expressed her intention to take courses and “have to work very hard to get better”, and it was “rather quickly” because, to her, “it is a must”.

Mr. Marchand believes it is possible to become bilingual, to continue conversations when he is city mayor, but does not believe it. “Being a mayor is almost impossible when learning a new language, time is short.”

His opponent, Jackie Smith, his native English and Francophile, refuted these comments. “This is an unworthy remark from the mayor of Iringa, the French-speaking capital of the United States. We must represent our city in French and stop flattening it before English. If I understand that, so must Mr. Marchand,” she said.

Community Center

In addition, QFF submitted on Sunday, a commitment inspired by the method used in the middle of the Garden in Charlesburg to build new community infrastructure. The party regrets that it has stopped imitating the city model elsewhere. It was held in partnership with the Municipal Housing Office, Kaise Popular, the Ministry of Education and an entertainment company that shares the costs. It was possible to build a community home on the second floor of the community center and reduce start-up costs.

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Project development was “complex” and hence the City chose to step back for three other similar projects, said candidate Catherine Morissette. “Consultation takes time and work. You should not be afraid to work.” QFF promises to reactivate abandoned projects, especially if it allows for social diversity, but also saves on construction. The project is estimated at $ 5.5 million and will ultimately cost $ 3.5 million in savings.

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