May 18, 2022

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The Ivory population has called for greater participation in the eradication of malaria

The Ivory population has called for greater participation in the eradication of malaria

Yamasoukro – The WHO Recommendations and National Guidelines Reminder Seminar on Proper Management of Malaria, which concluded in Yamasoukro on Friday 15 October 2021, included in its resolutions, specifically calling on the population to become more involved by following all avenues of combat. Disease.

A total of 248 participants, including 33 regional directors, 113 departmental directors and 102 healthcare providers from referral hospitals, developed this capability with the aim of improving care and data quality.

For the participants in this meeting, struggle is not the sole business of the learners and should be another aspect of the couple where people make positive progress towards the common goal.

Going to a health center immediately for a diagnosis and treatment and respect for the pregnant woman is a question of sleeping every night under a mosquito net impregnated with a long-term insecticide (LLIN) to prevent getting sick. Preventive treatment is offered to women undergoing prenatal consultation.

In addition, they must continue to improve their living environment by eliminating anything that promotes the reproduction of the malaria mosquito vector.

The Ivory government is developing its strategy to counter this “great challenge”, believing that it is possible to eradicate malaria in C కోట్te d’Ivoire.

To achieve this he not only intensified the struggle by introducing new interventions; But for the stratification of its intervention, each zone in the country has a choice in organizing the fight according to the situation.

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