May 28, 2022

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The royal family is making its voice heard on climate change

The royal family is making its voice heard on climate change

As COP26 approaches and the British royal family hears their voice on the issue, Prince William is presenting the first edition of the Earthshot Prize on Sunday evening, which was created to present solutions to the climate crisis.

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The winners in each of the five categories (protect and restore nature, revitalize fresh air, rejuvenate the oceans, build a waste-free world and restore the environment) each receive one million pounds (approximately $ 1.7 million Canadian) to help develop their projects. They will be hired at a ceremony that will be televised from 19:00 GMT.

In a short video aired during the ceremony, Prince William calls for “unity to solve the planet,” Kensington Palace said. “The actions we choose or do not take in the next ten years will determine the fate of the planet for the next millennium,” he stressed.

The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II should say that “a decade does not seem to last long,” but that humanity can “solve insoluble things” according to him.

Prince William is an optimist: “The future is ours to decide. And if we think about it, nothing is impossible.”

Singer Ed Sheeran, band Coldplay and rapper KSI will perform at the event. Actors Emma Thompson, Emma Watson and David O’Leary, as well as Liverpool FC striker Mo Sala will present the awards.

Among the 15 finalist projects are resistance to global warming in the Bahamas Breeding Corals, a mobile and solar-powered iron board invented by an Indian youth, a Japanese startup active in wastewater treatment and a project in Nigeria, and available electricity.

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With a total of 50 million pounds (approximately $ 85 million Canadian) in ten years, the Earthshot Prize, launched in 2020, is the “most prestigious global environmental award in history” inspired by the President’s lunar program. John F. Kennedy contributed to the technological advancement of mankind.

It aims to reward people (activists, scientists, economists, etc.) as well as companies, institutions, governments, cities and countries that offer “viable solutions” to climate change so that “living conditions in the world can be improved.” . “

Prince William, who is embroiled in space tourism, was called in this week to focus on Earth. “Some of the greatest brains and minds in this world must be trying to fix this planet first, not trying to find the next place to live,” he said.

Prior to the Earthshot Awards, Prince Charles, a longtime environmentalist, said he was “very proud” of his son, “growing commitment to the environment and the great ambition of the Earthshot Prize” to help “find innovative solutions”.

It looks like the royal family has spoken with one voice to take action in the event of a weather emergency.

At the start of the new session of the Welsh Parliament, Queen Elizabeth II expressed her annoyance about world leaders who “talk” about climate change, but “do not act”.

While her microphone was still on, the 95-year-old Sovereign was heard walking out of his usual reserve during a discussion with Parliament President Eileen Jones: “Extraordinary, isn’t it?” I heard about COP … I still don’t know who is coming. Do not know “.

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“We only know people who don’t fall,” said the Queen, “who is really annoyed when they talk, but they don’t act”.