May 28, 2022

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The U.S. Secretary of State has warned that supply problems will continue next year

The U.S. Secretary of State has warned that supply problems will continue next year

U.S. Transport Secretary Pete Buttigig warned Sunday that current transportation problems will continue “next year” and called for a long-term solution.

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused global supply chain disruptions, which delayed United States raising prices.

The problem is alarming as Christmas approaches, with some experts predicting a massive shortage for the holidays.

“Most of the problems we face this year will continue until next year,” Buttigig told CNN Sunday morning.

In his view, at a time when the country’s economy is reopening, the situation is particularly linked to a sharp rise in demand.

“The problem is that even though our ports are handling more (goods) than ever before, goods are coming in at record levels, and our supply chain is not able to continue,” he explained.

Dozens of ships are waiting to unload their cargo outside the main ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on the west coast.

“These two ports represent 40% of our container traffic,” he said, stressing the steps taken to address the congestion. “They work 24 hours a day now. It’s not easy to do at night, but it’s a strong commitment.”

“We need to address the long-standing issues that have made us vulnerable to these kinds of barriers,” he pleaded. We must pass President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan.

This massive bill was relatively unanimous in Congress, but the Democratic Party’s leftists refused to consider it before securing a massive social spending plan, which was widely debated.

These supply issues were a major topic at a meeting of finance ministers of industrialized nations in Washington this week.

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