May 28, 2022

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Attack on Capital: Trump has challenged the delivery of documents to Congress in court

Attack on Capital: Trump has challenged the delivery of documents to Congress in court

In the 26-page lawsuit, his attorney resorted to executive powers and stressed the inquiry committee’s request.January 6 Capital attack Questions the separation of powers.

In a political move to appease his partisan allies, President Biden refused to gain executive powers over a number of documents that the committee had explicitly requested. [être protégés par] Privilege [de l’exécutif], Jesse Binnell, the defendant in the documents filed in federal court in the District of Columbia.

Files should be kept secret because they can be included Negotiations with [ou sur] The result of the work of foreign leaders and lawyers, the most sensitive national security secrets as well as all information protected by the authorities [de l’exécutif] For a group of hundreds of people, Says the prosecution.

In his predictable complaint, the former president denied it Almost unlimited range Request of the House Special Inquiry Committee. Although the requested documents are said to be unreasonably related to the events of January 6, he criticized one. Tedious and illegal fishing trip […] Without a legitimate legal objective.

In particular, the committee wants to have documents related to meetings attended by Donald Trump, the White House Visitor Register, videos and photographs taken at the White House on January 6. Speech at the rally Before the White House, his supporters stormed the building and its laws on Twitter.

The former president’s lawyer further argued that the resignation of the sitting president a few months after he relinquished his ancestral executive rights was naturally unconstitutional.

White House, it was last week The previous request was officially rejected Joe Biden was of the opinion that the Capitol seat should not be submitted to a special committee, as it was an extraordinary circumstance that would legitimize the waiver of the right to protect White House communications in general.

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President Biden said each request would be considered separately to decide whether or not to relinquish that right.

The White House recently gave the National Archives, which contains White House documents and communications related to Donald Trump’s tenure, 30 days to submit documents related to January 6 to the Committee of Inquiry. Its initial authority was for 125 pages.

Donald Trump’s lawyer is seeking a court order to prevent the National Archives from handing over these documents, but his lawsuit has targeted all documents requested by the committee.

The constitutional protections of executive rights should not be used to withhold information from Congress or the public that reflects a clear and unambiguous attempt to undermine the Constitution.White House lawyers argued earlier this month.

The power of the executive is not unlimited: for example, the Supreme Court did not rule in favor of preventing the publication of confidential recordings in the Oval Office as part of a criminal investigation.

According to CNN, several lawyers who worked for Donald Trump have refused to defend his case in court. The same is true of Jay Sekulov, who was part of the defense team at his first impeachment trial. Jesse Binnall represented the former president in a lawsuit to prevent Joe Biden’s victory in Nevada, with dozens of court challenges lost toward Trump following his presidential defeat.

Bannon is in the middle of a process to accuse Congress of contempt

Steve Bannon

Photo: Associated Press / Jeffrey T. Barnes

In the evening, the committee also released a nearly twenty-page report on the events of January 6, describing its efforts – failed – to encourage former President Trump to follow in the footsteps of former Special Adviser Steve Bannon.

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However, Steve Bannon was due to testify before the committee last Thursday Defied the ban.

In a letter sent to the committee, his attorney argued that the court judgment on the issue should be complied with Executive right and professional secrecy between the lawyer and his client, But he was for the moment In legal impossibility To bow to it.

The committee is due to decide on Tuesday whether Congress recommends bringing in contempt charges.

The House, which has a majority of Democrats, will vote on the issue, and then the decision will be in the hands of the Justice Department.

Many experts say that executive privilege does not apply to Steve Bannon, the man who disputed American ultra-conservative rights. He left the White House in 2017.

On January 5, he tried to persuade elected officials in Congress to block election verification and entered into relations with Donald Trump just days before the attack on Capitol Hill.

The committee also appointed former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and his deputy Dan Scavino, as well as Kash Patel, the defense chief’s chief of staff.

They He was also scheduled to testify last week, But the committee staff said they had Collaborated With committee and adjourned.

Last week, the House Special Committee also overlooked former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark. Involved in attempts to overthrow the 2020 presidential election.

Mr. Clark, who was seen as a key witness, was also ordered to submit documents.