December 8, 2022

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Pyrenees Gaming: Sonic Colors Ultimate Speed

Pyrenees Gaming: Sonic Colors Ultimate Speed

Sega offers a reconstruction of Sonic Colors. A “final” version does justice to the original title, but did not succeed in enriching it.

Sega’s famous Blue Hedgehog is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and is offering a remastering of one of the best 3D titles in the series with this Sonic Colors Ultimate. Eleven years after the release of this Opus on the Wii, Sega’s platform game is back in revised versions on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC, and is fixed at 4K and 60 frames per second.

Fast but not always easy to control

Sonic had to do it to do justice to supersonic speed. With his friend Tails, he immersed himself in a sort of amusement park led by Dr. Robotnik (Dr. Egman in the original version).

Without saying too much about the story – the scenario isn’t too thick anyway – know that this is a world conquering question, that’s all.

Understandably, this sonic story is just an excuse to steer the blue hedgehog into six worlds. Game progress slows down a bit and even if you are thrown from the start in an area you need to unlock yourself with capabilities that will allow you to move forward and unlock certain areas.

In terms of playability, the title suffers from the same flaws as the original game. The player has to repeat it many times as there are a lot of mistakes. Sadly, we can expect this remastering to fix it. This is not the case.

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However, controlling Sonic and his pace remains a real criminal pleasure and if we ignore this concern for playing, we deserve a ten hour game to overcome it. Lovers of Sonic 2D may well be tempted to get into 3D, but those who were vibrating at the time in Sonic Adventure will have plenty to get their teeth on.

The editorial team will advise you

Sonic Colors Ultimate, 39.99 euros, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox.