May 28, 2022

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Singapore: Passengers from certain countries, including Canada, are no longer restricted

Singapore: Passengers from certain countries, including Canada, are no longer restricted

Singapore, Singapore | Passengers who have been fully vaccinated from eight countries will be able to travel to Singapore by Tuesday without being detained, and the city state now hopes to live with the coronavirus.

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Over the months, Singapore has adopted a “Zero Kovid” strategy by closing its borders, implementing a severe tracing policy and imposing population controls in the wake of the epidemic.

With more than 80% of the population now fully vaccinated, these wealthy international financial and trade center officials want to revive the economy.

In September, the city state launched a travel corridor for vaccinated travelers from Brunei and Germany.

As of Tuesday, eight other countries (Great Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States) were affected. On November 15, South Korea will join the list.

Singapore will not be closed separately and indefinitely. It will not work and the cost will be very high, ”said Premier Lee Sean Loong on October 9, announcing measures for a new” living with Kovid-19 “strategy.

He explained that the appearance of a more contagious delta variant was a determining factor, because “even if the entire population is vaccinated, we cannot eradicate it”.

“Almost all countries have accepted this reality,” the prime minister said.

The city-state is the regional headquarters for thousands of multinational corporations, especially due to the airport being an international airport.

“We must continue to reopen our borders safely,” Lee said. “Businesses and investors must work regionally and globally from Singapore. The people who work for them must travel for a living.”

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Philip Go, Asia-Pacific Vice President of the International Air Transport Association (ITA), said, “We hope that the measures taken by Singapore will inspire other markets to follow the same path to revive air traffic.

There are 5.45 million residents in Singapore, with more than 3,000 new daily infections reported in recent days, most of them benign or asymptomatic.

Since the outbreak began, more than 148,000 local cases have been identified and COVID-19 has killed 233 people.

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