March 30, 2023

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Antidote 11: A neural engine for correcting, speaking and rhyming

Antidote 11: A neural engine for correcting, speaking and rhyming

On the occasion of his twenty-fifth birthday, the spell checker antidote buys the brain for itself. Antidote 11 connects a “Neural motor”, The result of a collaboration with the Joshua Bengio team, a pioneer in the teaching of deep learning at the University of Montreal. This engine, it “The basis for the future development of the antidote”, Brings the insertion of already missing words.

This deep evolution is hidden by the facelift, which brings the antidote fresh. Square icon, generous margins, more reassuring typography, reduced toolbars, the interface is simpler and more flexible. With its blue sidebar, it is reminiscent of the web version, with all the new features of the native version.

Antidote 11. Image magnification.

Neural motor is probably the most important, but not the most sensitive yet. The computer Druid agrees, she does it herself “First Steps” In the field of artificial intelligence, and does not like to refuse “Natural Intelligence” Its linguists.

The machine takes care to locate the missing words, humans have further improved the analysis of the text, especially the detection of fuzzy and repetitions. Antidote allows to propose versions of the sentence, which can be applied with a click on the tooltip, a significant change in meaning.

The corrector is very refined. The sidebar is hidden by default, but will be restored. MacGeneration film.

Informatics wants to find a compromise between watered down hints with Druid’s pacifier Machine learning And personal preferences of the editor. It is now possible to create sets of individual settings that combine the 215 options available and modify the correction mechanics to suit the writing context.

The use of a word or expression makes it possible to correctly identify harsh words, prohibited words, or systematic errors automatically. This data, like personal dictionaries, is synchronized with the Kumulix cloud service.

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Connectics, a small utility that manages antidote connectors, has improved significantly. Before MacOS security measures prevent deep integration into Antidote’s applications, the Connectics agent connects with many applications and comes close to restoring the patch’s old functionality.

The antidote is not just a spell checker: its dictionary of definitions contains 3,000 words, including “econanxity” and “vaccinodrome”, and 20,000 examples of the use of prepositions, for example from “Continue to”. Antidote + Adds a text-to-speech module that pronounces subscription words “From Paris” Where “From Montreal”.

There is also a rhyming antidote in the tenth dictionary. “Apple” is clearly rhyming with “whole”, but can be rhymed with “tell me” by allowing incomplete rhymes with “palm”, and by activating “prodigy” multiple word search. Uninspired poets can use frequency and length scales to find a word for their poem.

Dictionary of rhymes.

English Language Module French Language, Neural Engine takes care to replace contractions and split inflections during this time. The dictionary gets 5,000 words, words can be pronounced with accent “From London” Where “From Toronto”, And the rhyme dictionary takes into account the peculiarities of English rhyme.

Antidote + Subscription, Which also includes a web version and a mobile application, for 59 per year. The family offer with five customers is displayed at € 99 per year and costs అదనంగా 30 in addition to the English language module. Druid Informatics offers and keeps 50% discount for upgrades from older versions Permanent license 119 for Mac / PC version.

In France, Antidote is sold by Microsoft, which still distributes the boxed version with over 200 pages of user guide. Microsoft also publishes Medical Glossary, A dictionary covering all medical disciplines, has surpassed 200,000 entries this year. The medical glossary is only offered for € 219 or € 40 for an update from an older version.

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