May 28, 2022

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Mike Bossie fights lung cancer

Mike Bossie fights lung cancer

Mike Bosssey, 64, has been diagnosed with lung cancer and in need of treatment.

A six-year analyst at TVA Sports, the former hockey player wrote a letter to network listeners explaining his absence.

Today, for a break from duty, he wrote in his letter published on the TVA sports site, with great sadness that I had to leave your screens. A necessary stop when I need to be treated for lung cancer. 1-0 so far, but I did not say my last word …

I can assure you that I want to fight on the ice and with all the determination and all the enthusiasm I saw to demonstrate myself in my game. The same decision helped me achieve my dreams and calculate my goals. When I was still wearing my skates, I was at the top of my sport.

A quote from:Mike Bossie

The man, who has spent his entire career with the New York Islanders, said he wanted to take a step back, but come back strong.

He emphasized that his ideas had a special place for fans and audiences and were a source of inspiration. However, he wants to experience these difficult times in private.

Mike Bassi and 2008

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Just like the athletes who are going to deliver the performance of their lives, I need my strength and focus. Around my family and friends, I want to keep this sacred and peaceful place away from cameras and interviews. I am confident that I can rely on your discretion and your understanding.

Popular no. 22 He began his career in 1977 with the islanders. He is an excellent scorer, as evidenced by his statistics.

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He scored 53 goals in his rookie season, receiving the Calder Trophy. He is the second player after Maurice Richard to score 50 goals in 50 games in the league. In 10 years, he has had more than 60 goals in five seasons (tie with Wayne Gretz‌ki) and is the only NHL player to score 50 or more goals in nine consecutive seasons. He also won the Stanley Cup four times.

Back problems He had to retire in 1987.