May 20, 2022

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The opposition was not impressed with Francois Legalt’s speech

The opposition was not impressed with Francois Legalt's speech

Error listening, PLQ says

The official opposition leader, Dominic Angled, said the prime minister was slow to address the issue of climate change and would only talk about it in the end.Once, in the 53rd minute.

On the ground, people are worried about the cost of living, Ms Anglade recalled.

The leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) has accused the prime minister of refusing to address the issue of labor shortages.

It is not uncommon for Franకోois Legalt not to mention the word “scarcity” even once, Dominic Anglade continued.

When we had 50,000 vacancies, Fran సమస్యois Legalt denounced the problem of labor shortages. […] Today, we have 200,000. He still denies the issue.

A quote from:Dominic Anglade, leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

We get the impression that the Prime Minister is worried and that he is trying to do a catch-up session On Parliament is adjourning its sessions, Confirmed the liberal leader by questioning the question mark of this gesture. She said she had only seen one A marketing exercise to show that you have some control.

“A group of small versions”, according to QS

Gabriel Nade-Dubois, parliamentary leader of the Quebec Solidarity

Photo: Radio-Canada

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the parliamentary leader of Quebec Solidarity (QS), the second opposition group in the National Assembly, criticized the Prime Minister for not submitting. A social project.

In Mr. Nade-Dubois’ opinion, Mr. Legalt is listed Minor reforms, a bunch of election promises, Most of which are from 2018. What I heard was warm, He added.

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Quebec Solidair also claims that housing and, above all, the environment do not look good in the order of Legalt government priorities.

There are almost five minutes in the hour and a half dedicated to the great crisis of our time.

A quote from:Gabriel Nade-Dubois, parliamentary leader of the Quebec Solidarity

Mr. Nade-Dubois criticized Mr. Legalt for not making a new statement to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

“An infomercial”, captures PQ

Paul St. Pierre at the Plumondon press conference.

Paul Saint-Pierre Plumondon, leader of the party Cubacois

Photo: Radio-Canada

Paul Saint-Pierre Plumondon, leader of the Party Cubacois (PQ), is outraged over Francois Legalt’s involvement An exercise in slogans This, according to him, does not provide solutions to Quebec’s population problems. Childcare spaces‌s, we have a commitment, we have known for three more years. Nothing concrete, He stated.

Mr. St. Pierre Plumdon criticized Mr. Legalt for providing incomplete plans for French defense and weather emergencies.

How do we justify a third link? How can we trumpet the green shift and slogans on the new green economy and justify a plan that does not even measure greenhouse gases?

A quote from:Paul Saint-Pierre Plumondon, leader of the party Cubacois

According to Mr. Saint-Pierre Plumondon, it remains, The elephant in the room, That is, the situation in Quebec, Canada, Mr. Legalt did not address at all, he said in his opening speech: What happens to the six billion missing? [par année dans le réseau de la santé] We asked in Canada and by all means, we were not in a position to get it […]?

Deputy Eles-de-la-Madeleine, Joel Arseneu, along with the leader of the PQ, described Surface Proposals of the Coalition de Avenir Quebec (CAQ) Government in the field of health.

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The government has announced the upcoming decentralization. In principle, we can accept; The problem is that it does not provide a definitive solution to the current crisis […], Referring to the mandatory overtime issue for health personnel and the use of private agencies, said Mr. Arsenev.