May 24, 2022

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Ensemble Montreal | Disciplinary hearing on the disputed candidate

Ensemble Montreal |  Disciplinary hearing on the disputed candidate

Denis Coderre candidate Dimitra Costarides, who was at the center of a financial scandal in 2003, is the subject of a disciplinary inquiry.

Philip Teasera-Lessard

Philip Teasera-Lessard

The Financial Security Chamber (CSF) confirmed Wednesday Tap She is investigating the case of a former partner of KPLV, alleging that several savers cheated them.

“The Financial Security Chamber is concerned about the situation,” Daniel Richard, communications in-charge for CSF, said in an email. “In addition to the ongoing audits, the Financial Security Chamber has asked its trustee to investigate the allegations against Mr.To me Costerides. ⁇

CSF oversees the work of 32,000 financial advisers in Quebec. It is not a professional order, it is a self-regulatory body.

Saturday, Tap M revealedTo me Costaridas is seeking to become municipal councilor in C కోట్te d’Ivoire-Notre-Dame-de-Grace for ensemble Montreal.

The 54-year-old seized her home in 2006 to pay back to savers she thought had been cheated. She was also involved in other civil proceedings and Autoritas des Marchez Financiers (AMF) intervened in the case, alleging that she (as well as another partner of KPLV) had invested clients’ savings in the Turks and Caicos Islands. . M.To me However, Costarides did not commit the crime.

In the days that followed, Denise Coder continued to support her candidate.

M.To me Costaridas (whose name was written as “Demetra Costa Ridis” until the financial scandal broke out) was able to continue working in the financial sector. She serves as “Director of Insurance Strategy” at SFL Wealth Management, a Desjardines partner. M.To me Costarides also appear in a bank of financial advisers called to sit on CSF’s disciplinary committee.

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“We have also informed the chairman of the disciplinary committee who can take the necessary action as per the rules of the chamber disciplinary committee,” Daniel Richard said. “We will not make further comments depending on the ongoing investigation process.”

Earlier on Wednesday, it was clarified that Mr. Richard was Mr.To me Costaridis has not heard of a disciplinary case since potential members of the disciplinary committees were registered with the bank.

Late on Wednesday evening, ensemble Montreal continued to support its candidate.

“On our side, we discussed with the candidate and we were satisfied with her version of the facts,” said Elizabeth Lemoy, a political party communication officer. “Now we have allowed the investigation to proceed [ne doute pas] That the investigation would come in his favor. ”