May 18, 2022

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Gotton Barrett says we are forgetting the “essence” of his health reform in Quebec

Gotton Barrett says we are forgetting the "essence" of his health reform in Quebec

The member of La Pinier maintained that it was his Extensive administrative reform It also aims to decentralize the Quebec health network.

The goal is to have as much direct management as possible, He explained on Wednesday, the show MIDI info, In ICI Premier‌, this version does not exist today Did not understand.

Now the official opposition spokesman for the government administration, Mr. Barrett recalled that he had resigned Overall level management Very expensive And Inefficient, I.e. regional health organizations located between government and agencies.

All in all, he insisted on ending Permanent Steeple Wars Between hospitals in the field and Administrative maze.

The reform I made allowed the patient to remove all of these barriers.

A quote from:Gotton Barrett, Liberal MP for La Pioneer and former Minister of Health and Social Services

Gotton Barrett echoes Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt’s opening speech on Tuesday Always said : Ministry guidance, field implementation, depending on local conditions.

The former Liberal minister said some facts proved to be right for him. He said Legalt relied heavily on a logistics expert to run his COVID-19 vaccine campaign before the government, CEO, Daniel Pare returned. The decision was taken in the ministry, but the implementation took place in CISSS and CIUSSS [et] There is no one who has done the same thing, Said Gotton Barrett.

Pure creatures of the “Barrett Reform”, these comprehensive health and social service centers – in some cases universities – carried out the vaccine campaign. According to their ways and according to their organization, and it is decentralized, Insisted the member for La Pioneer.

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Gotton Barrett praised the willingness of current Health Minister Christian Dubey Senior management adjustments Of the network. According to him, the adjustments he will make are continuing: In other words, my version of the ice rink remains the same […]. We’re going to put more players in it.

I never said my version was right. […] In the second term, I was convinced that I would have to make adjustments […].

A quote from:Gotton Barrett, Liberal MP for La Pioneer and former Minister of Health and Social Services

Gotton Barrett also confirmed that by 2018, the Legalt government should apply the financial penalties provided on family physicians who fail to meet government productivity targets.

In 2015, Mr. Barrett, then Minister of Health, concluded with the Federation des Medicines Omnipraticians du Quebec (FMOQ). Agreement Thus, from December 31, 2017, 85% of Cubs will be able to obtain a family doctor.

Legalt government Brands the stick And now they are threatening to make laws to force family doctors to take on more patients.

CAQ must have been done before […], Gotton Barrett said, realizing that the Legalt administration had failed Spine.

We hired the right staff

At a press conference in the National Assembly on Wednesday, Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey did not hide his satisfaction when asked about decentralization. I loved it because I always acted like that, He was shocked.

Said the Minister Decentralization is not a question of structure, it is a matter of culture, And it leads Maintained locally. For example, there is no need to change structures to appoint a manager in every long-term care hospital (CHSLD), Christian Dubey confirms.

This is an excellent example of decentralization: we have the right staff in place to make decisions and take action when we need to.

A quote from:Christian Dubey, Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services

As another example of the necessary decentralization, Minister Dubey cited the management of schedules, which must be maintained At the hospital level And not at the level of CISSS and CIUSSS.

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Calling for talks on decentralization on Wednesday, Prime Minister Legalt showed no mercy on “Barrett’s reform”: Everywhere, on the field, unanimously, Mr. Barrett’s version, concentrated, in enormous CISSS and CIUSSS, decisions.

Some CHSLDs are absent More boss, The Prime Minister continued, adding that it was necessary Have a new policy Management by continuing Sub-region by sub-region.

Executives end their rope

Should we cancel Gotton Barrett’s work? At the microphone MIDI info, Wednesday, Carol Trempay, CEO of the Association of Senior Executives in Health and Social Services, did not want to make a decision. I imagine we should meet with the administrators with the political authorities to see how it is handled, without creating as much confusion or conflict as it did during the implementation of Act 10, 2015.

For Carol Trempay, It is important to pay attention to the people who are in the network and the people who have been carrying it arm in arm for many years.

Health network operating system Much has been politicized, Comments Mrs. Trembe. Orders come from top to bottom. In which Meta-organization, The ones that are there are valuable, and they are gone for a number of reasons.

Decentralization, in Carol Trump’s view, makes it possible to have an executive head who is well aware of regional realities and adapts services accordingly.

Premium declined

In addition, it is considered the CEO of the Association of Senior Managers in Health and Social Services Not acceptable The Legalt government has granted flat-rate COVID bonuses to senior executives to middle executives. And this, in the context of the post-epidemic and labor shortages, she says.

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Senior executives have been carrying out reforms and helping to maintain these reforms for many years, Carol Trembe said. There, all of a sudden, this bonus for them was denied for no reason, no reason […], Which is not acceptable.

Never gesture to identify them, Regretting that she fully agrees with the recognition marks given to nurses and patient attendants. It is absolutely necessary.