May 18, 2022

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Labor shortage | Quebec tightens screws on employment agencies

Labor shortage |  Quebec tightens screws on employment agencies

(Quebec) Public Health Network staff should be given the best shifts first and should be “imposed” a small benefit to small workers. Each company must submit a transition plan to be ranked 1st from private employment agenciesIs December.

Funny Levesque

Funny Levesque

The day after the prime minister, Franకోois Legalt’s inaugural speech, he said he wanted to “free himself” from private employment agencies, and Health Minister Christian Dubey went there on Wednesday after a series of measures to limit the use of free labor.

“What we are announcing today is very intensive,” the minister said during a press conference.

A new directive was sent Wednesday to companies in seven regions so that “favorable” shifts can be provided to network workers earlier than agencies. This is the intention announced by Minister Dubey before this fall.

However, companies will also need to “impose” unfavorable shift ratios on private employment agencies such as evening, night and weekend staff from now on. These ratios are determined by area, but Mr. Dubey does not want “wall to wall” ratios.

“One reason we started with Montreal and Quebec is that the ratios we have on ABTB or the North Shore are so high, so I asked the CEOs […] To come back to me with a plan. But six months before signing the renewal [avec une agence], I want to know why you justify such a ratio, “he explained.

Institutions initially targeted by directives: Montreal, Laval, Monteragi, Laurentians, Lanadier, Capitol-National and Chaudier-Appalaches.

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He also reiterated the creation of an internal breakdown mechanism that would allow the “I Contribute” platform to become a replacement bank for the network.

Renewal of contracts with agencies should also be carried out within a maximum period of six months. CISSS and CIUSSS should present their plan to control the use of agencies in the coming weeks so that it can take effect from 1Is December.

Decentralization: There is no question of rebranding structures

Minister Dubey did not intend to merge CIUSS and CISSS in the “extensive decentralization” of the health and social services network, it was announced on Tuesday in his inaugural address. “For me the principle is not a question of structure, it is a question of culture. And culture, that is, how we behave locally,” Minister Dubey qualified.

“Did we have to change the structure to keep the manager in every CHSLD? This is the best example of decentralization,” he explained.

“There are things we need to change. In Barrett’s version, the whole problem of local management has definitely flown in. We have brought it back to CISSS and CIUSSS. That, does not make sense. […] But this is not a question of CISSS and CIUSSS, it is a question of organization, ”he said.

On Tuesday, the Association of Senior Executives for Health and Social Services suggested that Quebec look into the condition that decentralization should not be rhymed with “structural rebranding”.

Mr Dubey said decentralization of the public health and social services network would be “one of the government’s” flagship measures “in the coming years.”

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General practitioners: Towards a negotiated agreement?

The LeBall government argued on Wednesday that it would justify the termination of the agreement negotiated with the General Practitioners’ Association of Quebec. But, he reiterated his ultimatum to doctors: “If there are no possible negotiations to reach our goals, very strong measures will be taken,” Mr Dubey said.

This includes imposing fines under Gotton Barrett Act 20. “Act 20 has its advantages and disadvantages. We like to negotiate with doctors, but if we do not reach a solution, we can go through legal means, but for now, what is expected is a treaty,” Underline Mr Dubey said.

“You will recall that the Gotton Barrett family doctors were given about two years to look after a certain number of patients. […] However, the family doctors did not deliver the goods. They are now the default, “he said.

In his inaugural address, Mr Legalt said he would not hesitate to “make a diagnosis” in consultation with family doctors. He indicated on Wednesday that he would submit a bill if the talks failed. “We have been talking to them for three years. It starts to press.”

Quebec wants to review doctors’ pay “in full”. “Today, with the number of doctors we have, we have 800,000 Quebecs on the waiting list, compared to those in other provinces,” Mr Dubey said.

He wants to expand access to front-line services. “Right now, there is a problem with care, [ce qui] Patients have to go to the emergency room and the emergency rooms are overcrowded, ”Mr. Legalt added.

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On Tuesday, FMOQ warned Quebec that forcing “a solution on family physicians” would have “disastrous results”.

With Hugo Pylon-Laros