May 24, 2022

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Relax in Peace: Encounter your terrible nightmares in SFR gaming

SFR Actus

Developed by Itatech Studio, Rest in pieces Takes you to the heart of the thrilling adventure, in which your porcelain toy life hangs with a thread. True, you and your skill will need to help your characters to succeed in getting out of your worst nightmare.

Now available at SFR Gaming‌, Rest in pieces (Where “RIP“…) A fun and exciting game that will literally take you to the darkest places of your imagination.

From beginning to end, your journey is fraught with dangers. From the unhealthy sound environment to the many obstacles that occur and appear at random when you cross, your journey is not a walk in the park. You have every interest, or you have to be sure to anticipate sudden attacks. And this is from the beginning of the game, otherwise the risk of seeing your thumbnail will crumble very quickly. So the goal is to succeed in getting your characters out of the clutches of the dream monsters, without breaking anything.

Game వైపు Play side, Rest in pieces Using the classic codes of mobile gaming, the lubrication card plays. On either side of your screen, the arrow allows you to direct your character to the right or left, avoiding obstacles and collecting as many gems as possible. The latter are especially valuable because they allow you to enhance your character and unlock the various thumbnails available.

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