December 1, 2023

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The flu season is back this year

The flu season is back this year

“Unlike last year, we have the presence of influenza,” begins Dr. Bonnier-Viger, Regional Director, Public Health Gaspace-Les-Ls.

Influenza took a break last year. While the situation is not yet alarming, we should be careful according to public health.

“We have to deal with two infections at once, both COVID-19 and influenza. For individuals, the two look very similar, so in any case they need to be tested if they have symptoms,” YV Bonnier-Viger adds.

Due to similarities in symptoms similar to COVID-19, a double test may be required to test for the virus.

“We have the opportunity to test them for both Kovid and Influenza. Like every year, we test at the beginning, then when it is well installed, we think it is, but we always have the problem that it could be Kovid, so we need to test anything,” said the regional director. Explained.

Coincidentally people encountered a plan to vaccinate.

“It’s still a big virus, I really want to be vaccinated,” said one passerby.

“If it definitely puts the population at risk with Kovid‌, I will definitely vaccinate,” said one young woman.

“For me, I have my doses for Kovid, I usually have no side effects with the influenza vaccine, so both, it doesn’t stress me out,” said one young citizen.

The Director of Public Health recalled that it is important to be vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine against Kovid-19, as there is influenza.

“People who are double vaccinated are thirty times less likely to be hospitalized if they have COVID-19, so we must continue to do the same,” concluded YV Bonnier-Wiger.

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Public Health is working on a vaccine campaign to be implemented in the coming weeks. She recalls that influenza is transmitted through the lungs, so it is recommended to apply the health indications used since the onset of the epidemic.

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