May 24, 2022

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“We’m going to ask patients for the flu vaccine,” explained a doctor from Amiens.

La vaccination anti-grippale débute vendredi pour les personnes prioritaires

This is a Start this Friday of the flu vaccine campaign : The so-called preferred individuals, i.e. those over 65 years of age or those with chronic pathologies in general, will receive the injection. Along with the anti-covid vaccine booster, the vaccine launch was also brought forward four days: Stefan Fowlan, a general practitioner at Amiens, needed it. He is a guest of France Blue Picardy.

France Blue Picardi: What are the dangers of getting the influenza vaccine while growing the vaccine against covid?

Stephen Fowlan: This makes good sense, because it’s difficult to chain relevant vaccine sequences, to the people concerned and to the health professionals who adhere to it. An appointment is more practical from a practical point of view. From a health point of view, this is something that can be done regularly at a very young age, with regular vaccinations. There, it will be for a slightly older audience, but in the same process.

Is flu vaccination a particular problem this winter in view of the Kovid condition?

Yes. Already last year, I think doctors were increasingly encouraging all patients to be vaccinated against influenza, because both the influenza infection and the covid infection that we face during this epidemic are clearly problematic. I have the impression that most of us have been vaccinated, and until then I managed more easily to convince some patients who were more resistant.

We almost did not have the flu last winter with regard to obstruction signals and arrests: are we at risk of rebounding this year?

Last year, we also did not have benign respiratory infections such as nasopharyngitis or infectious pathologies such as gastroenteritis. It was at this moment that we realized that we had made great progress in these pathologies. It reduces barrier gestures, social distance, wearing a relaxed mask … and, of course, reduced collective immunity.

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Are you looking more and more to vaccinate patients?

Apparently. We are really going to ask patients to be responsible and reasonable and to sign up for this flu vaccine. We need to prevent the flu pandemic at a time when there are new waves of Kovid.