March 21, 2023

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A candidate for mayor and beneficiary attendant refuses to be vaccinated

A candidate for mayor and beneficiary attendant refuses to be vaccinated

On Wednesday, Thetford Mines in Chaudhry-Appalach .s had to hold behind closed doors when it was thought that the debate between the mayoral candidates would take place in public.

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The reason? Two of the four candidates were not vaccinated. And among them, we found Christian MailHot, who was also a beneficiary attendee.

In an interview with Denise Lowesque Show, Thetford Mines mayoral candidate described his rejection through a bad experience he had when he was vaccinated in 2014 as part of his training as a beneficiary attendee.

“My arm was in pain during my training and I had to have my arm in the air,” Christian Mail‌hat said.

The latter said he believed in antibodies more than vaccines and preferred to trust his immune system.

The Theftford Mines mayoral candidate also believes he was infected with Kovid-19 in March 2020, even if he was not diagnosed.

“I’ve had chest pain for two weeks. I have incredible weaknesses. I’ve been wondering if I’ve been like this my whole life,” he said.

Christian Mail‌hot confirmed that his symptoms lasted for a month, during which time he volunteered to be home alone.

The Theftford Mines mayoral candidate has accused the government of putting too much pressure on the population to get vaccinated.

He is particularly concerned about the increase in the initial vaccination target and the fact that despite the current vaccination rate, some health measures are being taken.

“Right now, I’m found that the government is also a virus, because it oppresses the population.

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Mr Mylot admitted that the door to the vaccine was not completely closed, as there was a possibility of the beneficiary being suspended from his work as an attendant. However, this does not preclude changing the domain completely.

To watch the full interview, watch the video above.