May 24, 2022

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“I have never seen Brendan Gallagher react like that in my life”

"I have never seen Brendan Gallagher react like that in my life"

To say that Brendan Gallagher had a disappointing game against Carolina is an understatement.

In the first period he was caught in a series of controversies in which he was denied a goal for an obstacle over Frederick Anderson, did not give up the small No. 11 and tried everything until the last siren: he wanted to achieve all the costs.

Constantly at the heart of the action and looking for a free puck, the “gully” enemy ruthlessly attacked the net, but each time the hurricanes goaltender and / or … unfortunate factor were encountered.

Gallagher finally had to return to the locker room by the end of a three-game game without scoring a single goal. Obviously, the right-handed striker was not happy at all and showed undeniable anger as many signs, as the game progressed, seemed to be angry at home.

While intervening in the “LNH post-game”, Renaud Lavoy mentioned that he remembered one of these signs and made a very revealing comment on Thursday evening about Gallagher’s level of despair.

“In the third period, he had a golden opportunity to score, but he completely missed the empty net. After he returned to the bench, the team broke his stick with three solid hits on the stick rack.

Honestly, I have never seen Brendan Gallagher react like this in my life. Yes, he broke the stick in front, but if not, trust me. It shows how strong the pressure is now. “

Watch the full section in the video above.