March 28, 2023

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Quebec and Paris joined forces against the “culture of abolition”

Quebec and Paris joined forces against the "culture of abolition"

(Quebec) Quebec and French education ministers condemn extraordinary “culture of dissolution” – like a muscle because of the extraordinaryness of English expression Dissolve the culture -, in their opinion “fertile ground for all the extremes that threaten the unity of our societies”. They hold a “youth meeting” on both sides of the Atlantic to discuss the issue.

Hugo Pylon-Laros

Hugo Pylon-Laros

In an open letter published in the Quebec media on Friday, French National Education, Youth and Sports Minister Jean-Michel Blanker took up the pen with Quebec Education Minister Jean-Franకోois Roberz. Much is associated with a culture of abolition. “They cited the example of French language schools in Ontario, which threw and burned books, including the Tintin and Lucky Luke series.

According to Quebec and French ministers, the culture, the word ban that has exploded in the public sphere for some time, results in “banning personalities, demonstrations and conferences, harassment on social media, censorship, the science of surrender ideology [et] Deleting history until the books are burned “. For them, this phenomenon” is straightforward [importé] Some American university campuses “undermine democratic values.

“Refusing to question, confront or only expose opposing views on one’s beliefs and determinations signifies an alarming decline of the spirit of democracy. […] In the face of this scrutiny, it is more important than ever to reflect on the role of education in democracy, ”MM pleaded. Blanker and Roberz.

The school wall has been transformed

By holding a “youth meeting” to discuss the culture of abolition “along with the intellectuals”, whose name was not mentioned, Quebec and French education ministers stated that they would fight for “peaceful civic dialogue”. Freedom of opinion and expression. ”

At the end of their letter adding punches, the ministers said, “Not by abandoning who we are, nor by ignoring where we came from, not by claiming to be memory killers,” we can celebrate progress and project ourselves into the future. ”

A discussion that makes headlines

The issue of freedom of expression and freedom of education in Quebec has been very intriguing for months, especially about the use of certain words, such as the word beginning with the letter N, in the school context.

Recently, Higher Education Minister Daniel McConnell promised that the Legal government would respond “quickly and strongly” to the issue of university freedom, but that a commission chaired by Alexander Cloutier should fall late on the matter.

In France, Jean-Michel Blanker launched the “Republican Observatory responsible for dealing with Wokizan” last week. Dissolve the culture, European media reported. The minister announced the initiative just days before the assassination of Samuel Patty, a history teacher killed in October 2020, when he left a school showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad as part of a course on freedom of expression.