May 28, 2022

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The Queen is over: President of Barbados, which has become a republic

The Queen is over: President of Barbados, which has become a republic

(Miami) Barbados, a Caribbean micro-state, held its first presidential election in its history, 13 months after announcing its surrender to the British Crown to become a republic.

Sandra Mason, 72, was elected by indirect universal suffrage on Wednesday and will be sworn in on November 30. She was by then the Governor-General of the island, and therefore the official representative of the Queen of England.

“The House and Senate have come together to elect the first president of Barbados, another historic milestone on the path to republic,” the country’s government tweeted.

Elizabeth II lost her sovereignty over Barbados, one of the last kingdoms of the Commonwealth, the former British colonies that became independent.

Constitutional divorce

Constitutional Divorce September 2020 Mr.To me Mason, in a speech in the capital, Bridgetown.

“After more than half a century of independence, our country should have no doubts about its capabilities to maintain itself,” Mr said.To me Masonry

Barbados, the tourist pearl of the Lesser Antilles, is especially popular in Anglo-Saxon aristocracy. Only 430 km2According to the World Bank, in 2019 it will have 287,000 residents.

Before the COVID-19 epidemic, the land of paradise and clear waters was visited by more than a million tourists each year.

Rihanna is the motherland

Barbados is the birthplace of world superstar Rihanna on a Caribbean island 300 km from Venezuela.

Photo by Alain Dicari, exclusive combination, Press Archives

Rihanna, who was seen at the Bell Center in April 2016, was officially named Island State Ambassador, responsible for promoting tourism, education and investment.

The singer, perhaps one of the few people who is better known than her country, has also been officially appointed as the island state ambassador, with a responsibility to promote tourism, education and investment.

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