May 24, 2022

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Vettel will be fined on the grid in Austin

Vettel will be fined on the grid in Austin

As the season draws to a close, penalties for exceeding the quota of authorized motor elements will increase. If two rivals for the world title had to overcome it just like the drivers in the last two Grand Prix Ferrari, It turns out Sebastian Vettel In Austin.

The German pilot actually revealed at a press conference on Thursday that he was looking forward to the weekend “Difficult” Because of this. “We’m going to have a difficult weekend, we’ll change the engine and so we’ll get a penalty.”, He explained.

“Looking forward to seeing what we can do from our starting point. I believe we can stay strong here. How strong is that? We’ll see. We can do it. [dépasser à Austin], So it seems to me that this is a good place to do it. And I hope we have fun Sunday afternoon and come back to it. “

The Aston Martin Equipped with motors Mercedes, Comes in the context of this context Fears around German manufacturer power units, Especially justified it Walther blisters Change the engine twice in the last three Grand Prix and that Louis Hamilton Adds a new internal combustion engine in Istanbul to its complex.

So far this season, Vettel has used three internal combustion engines, three turbos, three MGU-Hs, three MGU-Ks, two batteries, two electronic control units and four exhausts. The penalty size should be determined so that it can vary depending on the number of elements changed, but it will force Germany to start from behind the grid as it worked better than the eighth on the opening grid. Once this season.

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