May 30, 2023

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Quebec publishes a series of instructions for Halloween

Quebec publishes a series of instructions for Halloween

(Quebec) For the second year in a row, children who spend Halloween must follow a number of safety precautions to prevent the spread or spread of Kovid-19.

Caroline Plante
Canadian Press

The Department of Health and Human Services on Friday posted “Suggestions for Good Practices for a Safe Halloween” on the Government website.

It first emphasizes that anyone who shows symptoms of COVID-19 or who is single should not participate in house-to-house gathering or distribution of banquets or parties.

For those who do not show symptoms, the ministry reminds them to always be careful to limit the risks of spreading the virus.

When collecting treats from house to house, children should not enter homes. They were also asked to refrain from singing or shouting in front of people giving treats.

If possible, keep a distance of one meter between people. Feasts should also be prepared in individual bags to facilitate delivery and limit contact.

It is recommended to wash hands before and after candy collection, as well as to use an alcohol-based solution if necessary, the ministry said.

According to him, the risk of contamination is particularly high at indoor parties. Sanitary measures in place must be respected and a limit of 10 people in particular must be allowed in private homes.

Relaxation compared to 2020

This is a relaxation of instructions compared to last year, when Prime Minister Franois Legalt announced that he would not tolerate a “party” or private meeting on Halloween.

On October 22, 2020, Quebec denied 1,033 COVID-19 cases and an increase of 20 deaths. By comparison, Quebec reported 434 new cases and eight additional deaths on Friday.

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In 2020, children should only travel with their family members. They had to collect sweets kept in a space of two meters from the residents of the house they visited.

Among all other activities, the candy collection circuit had to be confined to the home environments of the participants. Municipalities are invited to indicate traffic direction on sidewalks.

People should always keep a distance of two meters from others.