May 24, 2022

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The new whistleblower is also blaming Facebook for all the evils

The new whistleblower is also blaming Facebook for all the evils

New Whistleblower alleges Facebook puts profits ahead of moderating problematic content Washington Post, The social media giant is struggling to get out of the scandal caused by the revelation of its former engineer Francis Hougen.

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According to an article in the American newspaper published on Friday, this second whistleblower is also a former member of the Facebook team that made an announcement to the SEC, the stock exchange authority.

In this document, he describes the particular remarks made by a former employee of the Group in 2017, when the company decided on the best way to handle the controversy surrounding Russia’s involvement in the 2016 US presidential election through its platform.

“It will flash in the pan. Elected officials will moan. And in a few weeks, they will move on. At this point we will print the money in the basement and everything is fine,” said Tucker Bounds, a member of the Facebook communications team.

A second whistleblower signed his statement on October 13, a week after Francis Hougan testified before the US Congress.

Described as a “heroine” by this former Facebook computer scientist, a Democratic senator, California group leaders, led by Mark Zuckerberg, repeated, “Financing their profits with our security.”

She has previously revealed Wall Street Journal Internal documents that shed new light on the abuses of social networks such as the psychological problems of teenage girls who are clearly exposed to “perfect” lives and influencers on Instagram.

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According to Washington Post, The SEC statement of this new person, ensures that Facebook executives regularly thwart attempts to combat misinformation, hate speech and other problematic content. Its huge profits.

When asked by AFP, Facebook spokeswoman Erin McPike said the article was “below standards”. Washington PostFor the past five years who has researched merits and written only after discovering multiple sources.

The California company has been embroiled in controversy for many years, from its content moderation, which is perceived as violating competing content, especially during elections, to its financial strategy.