May 28, 2022

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Trois-Riviers Lions opening game

Trois-Riviers Lions opening game

The opening game of the Trois-Riviers Lions was played on Thursday at the spectacular Coliseum Vidotron in Trois-Rivieres. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful moments at the prize giving ceremony, the seven-cup winner was applauded by the audience for several minutes by former defenseman Jean-Guy Talbot of Canadian Stanley.

Quebecare President and CEO Pierre Carl Peladio, Lions President Mark Weitman, Trois-Riviers Mayor Jean Lamarche, Lions owner Dean McDonald and ECHL Commissioner Ryan Krelin.

During morning practice, we saw the Lions coach, Eric Belanger, captain, Cedric Montamini and Lions general manager Mark-Andre Bergeron.

Leon Rochefort and Jean-Guy Talbot, former Canadians from the Trois-Rivieres area, were praised by the audience and the Regional Hall for several minutes.

Lions assistant coaches Alex Cousino and Pascal Rome.

The Lions Souvenir Shop is very popular. Vicky Lavigne is in the company of Young Emile and Elliott Sullivan and Livia Roberz.

Michelle Bergeron, who led the Drawers de Troyes-Rivieres and Lions CEO Mark-Andre Bergeron, was surrounded by TVA sports analyst Patrick Lalim and TVA Sports CEO Luis Philippe Nevey.

Gabriel LeBlanc of the Trois-Riviers Lions, who was an excellent host during the games, Maud Lantegne.

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