March 21, 2023

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A small town in Dordogne is opening a new classroom, facing a huge influx of new residents

La nouvelle salle de classe va permettre de répondre à l'augmentation du nombre d'élèves inscrits à l'école de Lamothe-Montravel.

The new classroom is brand new: large windows, an overhead projector and above all a large space to accommodate most students. This is very necessary for the elementary school of Lamothe-Montravel. “The numbers are growing, we also have double CP and CE1 classes, Explains Crystal Bordelis-Travers, who welcomes an average of 25 to 30 students in her CE2 class. We used the motor skills room as a classroom, it was very necessary to build a new classroom. It was launched this Saturday. When is the exception The trend is not to close classes in Dordogne. Proof of that The rural municipality attracts more people.

Urban people who came to settle in rural areas

The school is now welcome 108 children, more than 96 three years ago. “More and more families are moving to our country, working or televerking in big cities, and they are interested in having a school center,” he said. Note the company director Karen Ziquel. The health crisis and the increase in teleworking are very much related to the massive influx of new residents, but Bordeaux is close to the metropolis and has a motorway and railroad.

1,250 to 1,400 residents in just two years

“We have an example in RDL Eglice‌ where there is a young building, they bought an old building to renovate it and settle there,” Mayor Michelle Freechow explains. We are also seeing many families buying their first property because it is still available. “ There is nothing there Property for sale in town. In just two years, Lamothe-Montravel has grown from 1,250 to 1,400 residents.

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